Welcome to Term Four

Welcome to Term Four!
We often hear the expression, ‘All is well that ends well,’ but I like to think –‘All is well that begins well.’ A good beginning to any endeavour can help achieve better outcomes in the end and a good beginning is possible through the motivation and a positive attitude.  We have started our last term of the year with a good beginning this week. Our students returned to school looking refreshed after the holiday break and ready for the many learning opportunities the teachers have planned. It is wonderful to see them motivated to learn and embracing new inquiries with a positive attitude. I am sure it is going to be a great term and one that also ends very well with the special end of year events we have planned.

‘Ability is what you are capable of
Motivation determines what you do
Attitude determines how well you do it’.

We ended Term Three with the Walkathon and the children had a fabulous time wearing crazy hats and socks and completing their circuits of the Primary campus.
Please note:

  • All money and sponsorship forms need to be returned to the classroom teacher by FRIDAY 19 OCTOBER to be considered in the allocation of prizes.
  • FLEXISCHOOLS ONLINE – Families may wish to click here to make an online commitment and sponsor funds at the same time, either by using your Flexischools account or simply logging on as a guest.  Complete the requested information including the child’s first and last name, class and amount sponsored.  Note: Online sponsorship is payable at the time of making the online commitment and will be debited from the nominated account supplied by the sponsor. www.flexischools.com.au

As soon as we have received sponsorship forms and donations we will be able to determine which students will receive prizes for the most amount of money raised and most importantly, which class will be the winner of the class party. This special prize will be awarded to the class that collects the most sponsorship based on the average per student raised. Donations can still be made and they do not have to have been pledged prior to the Walkathon. We are looking forward to seeing which class takes out this special prize.

Innovation Challenge
Students in Years Four to Six are encouraged to participate in this year’s Innovation Challenge, the finals of which will be held on Wednesday 31 October. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to use their imagination to develop an innovation or a new solution to solve an issue or problem. In the past years, the students involved in the Innovation Challenge have come up with some amazing ideas and have had the opportunity to showcase their ideas to a range of business people and entrepreneurs from different industries.

The St John’s Innovation Challenge is open to students in upper primary and lower secondary. The Challenge prepares students for international competitions in later secondary year levels, such as the Conrad Challenge. The Australian Conrad Spirit of Innovation regional finals for this competition are held at St John’s the day after our own Innovation Challenge. The winning team from this regional competition is eligible to travel to NASA to participate in the world finals. This is such a wonderful experience for our young people and can enhance their future career aspirations. By providing our primary students with learning experiences and explicit instruction on how to prepare for our Innovation Challenge, we are helping to prepare them for opportunities on the world stage.

Operation Christmas Child
St John’s Anglican College is supporting Operation Christmas Child again this year. This is an initiative of Samaritan’s Purse and involves filling shoe boxes full of Christmas gifts to send to children caught up in the midst of war, famine, natural disaster or extreme poverty. In previous years our school has sent over 150 boxes to this worthwhile charity.

To be part of this exciting project, all your child needs to do is to bring an appropriate gift item(s) to school and give it to their class teacher.  Please refer to the list of suggestions below. The items form several children will be added with others to fill shoe box. Or you might like to fill a shoe box or two with numerous items and bring that along instead. To ensure we include the correct range of gifts, we request that you purchase a gift for the same age and gender as your child.

We also require shoeboxes covered in pretty Christmas paper. The lid and base need to be covered separately to comply with customs regulations.  Each box needs $10 to cover postage, so if you would like to assist in this way, your donation would be greatly appreciated.

Please bring your Christmas box items to school  no later than Friday 26 October 2018.

I do hope every family can support this project in some way so that we can once again demonstrate the St John’s community spirit and bring a little joy into the lives of others.

Kind regards,

Sandra Hawken
Head of Primary