Welcome from our Principal

So you have found yourself in an Anglican School!

As we start the year it’s important to guide students in their thinking about what it means to have the extraordinary privilege of being educated in an Anglican School. In order to fully embrace the opportunities provided it’s good to have a framework to help students to understand how this works in the life of our school. Out of this framework they will take part in the experiences in the voyage of self-discovery led by Rev’d Susan and the Chapel Captains during the coming year. Excerpts from my message to students from Monday’s assembly follow.

Firstly – Anglican Schools are interested in you growing as a whole person, but not only that, growing into your best self by following the Christian values of faith, hope, love, courage, community and justice. Growing your whole person happens in our curriculum taught in classrooms and our extra-curricular program in sport, performing arts, debating, cultural clubs and service programs. This whole person focus provides the opportunities for you to broaden your learning, to explore who you are and develop your God given talents.

Secondly – Anglican Schools are interested in your intellectual development, in being interested in learning for learning’s sake, (not just for NAPLAN or OP results). It means being interested in debating about topics of interest and sharing opinions. We want you to be fully aware of what is going on in the world; in Science and Maths, in the Humanities and the Arts and all the other fascinating areas of knowledge studied.  Having a growth mindset about learning is essential.

Thirdly – Anglican Schools are inclusive; welcoming others, respecting everyone, learning about different ways of thinking and being human, and letting you be a servant leader. This gives you the opportunities to develop the skills and values to live in peace and harmony with others, seeking justice for all with a priority for the poor, the powerless, persecuted and marginalised.

Lastly – Anglican Schools are intentional about sticking to the traditions of their history; promoting faith in Jesus Christ, reading the Bible for understanding, praying and worshiping as a community together. You’ll learn more about this in your RaVE classes and Rev’d Susan’s amazing Prayer Spaces and with the help of our Chapel Prefects at weekly worship here in our Auditorium.

So, you don’t just “do church” in Chapel, or in RaVE or in Prayer Spaces. You are immersed in the values of the Anglican Church in all that you do at St John’s in one way or another. Being shaped by a community that loves you and cares for your personal and spiritual growth is indeed a precious thing.  I hope you come to treasure this and are empowered by the opportunities provided to you as a student of St John’s. See this as a gift provided to you by your families!

Suzanne Bain