Sports and Co-curricular Activities

Semester Two Sports and Co-Curricular Photos will be taken on Tuesday 16 October 2018. Students who have been involved in Sporting teams during Semester Two will need to bring along the correct sports uniforms and note the times they will be required for photos. Please check the schedule below to see whether your child will be involved in the photos next week.

8.35am Chapel Captains Formal
8.40amJTAS AthleticsSports
8.50amYear Four, Five and Six Tennis Sports
9.00amYear Six Basketball Boys/Girls Sports
9.10amYear Four Touch - 2 teams Sports/Boots/ Jersey
9.20amYear Five and Six Touch - Girls Sports/Boots/ Jersey
9.25am Year Six Touch - Boys Sports/Boots/ Jersey
9.30amYear Four and Five AFL Sports/Socks
9.35amYear Six AFL Sports/Socks
9.40amYear Six Soccer Sports/Socks
9.45amYear Four Soccer - 2 teams Sports/Socks
9.55amYear Five Soccer Sports/Socks
10.00amYear Four and Five Soccer - Girls Sports/Socks
10.10amYear Two and Three RooballSports
10.20amRobo-Cup TeamsFormal
10.30am Alpine Singers Formal
10.40am Morning Tea Morning Tea
11.25am Red Fire Choir Formal
11.35amBellissimo Strings Formal
11.45amCorelli Strings Formal
11.55am Sports Captains Formal
12.00pm Student SenateFormal
12.05pm School Captains & Vice-CaptainsFormal
12.10pm House (Capt/Vice Cpts) Formal
12.15pm Performing Arts Captains Formal
12.20pm Year Six Foundation StudentsFormal
12.25pm Year Three and Four DanceFormal
12.30pm Year Five and Six Dance Group Formal
12.35pm Year Two Dance Club Formal
12.40pm Capriccio Choir Formal

Some Clubs commenced this week and the rest will be up and running in Week Two. Information about enrolling in Term Four Chess Club and Coding Club to be held on Monday afternoons, and STEM Club on Thursday afternoons has been sent home. Please contact your child’s class teacher or Primary Reception if you have not received this information and you would like your child to participate.

Dance Clubs for Years One, Two and Five/Six will continue throughout Term Four. However, rehearsals for students in Years Three and Four have now concluded as they do not have another performance opportunity this year.

Dancers in Years One and Two will rehearse each week in preparation for their performance at the Early Years Night of Celebration on Friday 23 November 2018.