Primary News

Bright colours, lively music, bright eyes and lively minds filled our Primary campus on Tuesday as we focused on international mindedness and welcomed a number of special guests into our community to share their knowledge about their family cultures. In the morning we celebrated the Luna New Year with a traditional Lion Dance and afterwards the upper primary students watched in awe as two chefs demonstrated their expertise in Chinese cooking.

Prep to Year Six students participated in a range of activities throughout the day, visiting the cultures of indigenous Australia, Malaysia, Spain, South Africa, India, China and Vietnam.  It was a great deal of fun for everyone.

Child Protection

We sincerely thank those members of our College community who are able to assist with various activities around the school, and we greatly appreciate their help. Anyone who is a volunteer needs to attend an information session to learn about the policies we have in place at St John’s regarding Child Protection and to understand their responsibilities. Our next volunteer information session will be held on Thursday 1 March at 8.45am in the Primary Library. Please come along if you are planning to be a regular volunteer this year.

Food for Morning Tea and Lunch

It is well known that a nutritious diet contributes to a healthy body and mind and allows the brain to process information effectively. An unhealthy diet can prevent children from concentrating at school, causing them to be either over active or lethargic and tired.

It is vitally important that young children receive the right nutritional requirements to not only help their bodies to grow healthy and strong but to also support healthy brain development.

Many food items we find on the shelves in grocery stores, that are advertised as great lunch ideas are in fact bad lunch ideas. It is true that children are going to enjoy them, most likely due to the high sugar content, but just because children like to eat these lunch box snacks doesn’t mean they are good for them.

Choice Consumer Advocates analysed more than 260 different snacks, including cheese and crackers, dried fruit products, savoury/crunchy snacks, sweet biscuits and grain based bars, to determine their health star rating (on a scale from 0 to 5). Only three pre-packaged snacks received the top rating of 5 out of 5. The vast majority of pre-packed snacks do not contain enough nutritional benefit to make them worthwhile foods for a healthy diet and so they shouldn’t be a regular item found in lunchboxes.

Foods that are recommended for a balanced lunchbox include the following:

  • Protein – meat, diary, eggs, seeds or hummus
  • Grains – wholegrain bread, rice or noodles (not the pre-packaged variety)
  • Fruit – fresh fruit is better than pre-packaged tubs of diced fruit.
  • Vegetables – carrot sticks, cucumber, beans. It is also important to note that giving children fresh, crunchy foods such as fruit to chew on is helpful in stimulating the blood flow in the head and around the brain. This can help them to concentrate for longer and remain alert. Fresh crunchy fruit is a better option than always providing your child with pureed fruit, tubs of jelly or yoghurt tubes that require very little chewing if any at all. It is also wise to avoid giving a treat every day as children come to expect them and later the independent meal choices they make as older children and adults will be strongly influenced by the foods they were given as a young child. For more information about this analysis of snacks and different food options that are recommended, visit:

 St John’s Silver Anniversary Cookbook 

To celebrate 25 Years of the College, St John’s is launching a Silver Anniversary Cookbook.  This Cookbook will feature recipes from our College community including parents, guardians, grandparents, staff and Old Collegians.

We are looking for recipes under the following categories:

  • Start the Day (Breakfast)
  • Lunchbox Ready (Lunches/Light Snacks)
  • Dinner Time (Mains)
  • Something Special (Dessert)
  • Tasty Treats
  • Around the World (International dishes)
  • Free of and Fun! (Allergy Free)

If you would like to contribute a family favourite recipe, please submit your recipe online via your unique My St John’s logins on the Home Page – click here.  We would love to hear from as many of our College families as possible.

The books will be available for purchase from Friday 11 May 2018 at the St John’s Mother’s Day events and pre-order details will be released shortly. Money raised from the sale of the book will support programs and projects at St John’s.

Casserole Crew

The St John’s community is very inclusive and supportive and one way in which we show support for others is through our Casserole Crew. The Casserole Crew is a group of parents and staff members from St John’s Anglican College, who give support to families in the school community who are in need due to ill health or difficult circumstances, by offering to make a meal, pack lunch boxes, donate disposable aluminium containers, ice blocks or cooler bags.

We invite family members to volunteer to be involved in the Casserole Crew. As a member of this team, your name will be registered on the Casserole Crew database, and our Co-ordinator, Mrs Pam Boardman, will contact you to make a meal as required.  This is not to be too onerous and usually only one meal per term is required depending on the size of the database.

If you would like to be part of this team, please contact Mrs Pam Boardman via email,

Kind regards
Sandra Hawken
Head of Primary