Pastoral Care

Happy Holidays
It is important to spend quality time together as a family and celebrate the Christmas season. Each family has traditions and whatever is happening this holiday season, your family members will be looking forward to and counting on participating in family traditions. Most families probably have traditions that take place throughout the year, but the Christmas holiday traditions seem to stick in our memories. Research shows that these traditions are important in building strong family relationships between generations.

When families take part in rituals this builds trust, identity and unity. Traditions are stories, beliefs, rituals and customs that are passed from one generation to the next. Keeping traditions for the special times such as Christmas help teach children about the things their family values. These traditions help fill the individual’s need to belong. Being a part of the special things that a family does, helps us to have that sense of belonging.

Family members learn that regardless of the changes that life brings, traditions will be a constant. Research shows us that routines and traditions are part of healthy families. Traditions give security to young people, providing a sense of continuity and routine that they can depend on year after year. Such activities help promote healthy relationships between the generations where they are enjoyed and anticipated by everyone.

Sometimes, as our families change, our traditions change with us, and that is to be expected. The important thing is that you get together as a family to share memories and pass on the family traditions and values. Traditions help to bind us together as a family. Our College Rite Journey parenting plan suggests that parents include their children in family traditions that will provide them with a sense of belonging and build memories for their future. To reinforce the value of traditions, take the time to talk about the special things your family does and why it is important to you.

I would like to wish all of the College families a happy and safe holiday. Enjoy this wonderful time with your loved ones. I look forward to welcoming you all back to the College in 2019.

Robern Hinchliffe
Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care