Lake Side Reflection

This year I have begun doing some research. One of the areas I am focusing on is about prayer and why prayer is so important. Personally, prayer is a significant part of my life. One of my favourite ways of praying is writing in my journal and reflecting and talking with God. I believe that prayer and reflection are vital to wellbeing.

It is one of the reasons why it has been good to establish Prayer Space at St John’s. Prayer Space invites the student to find some peace and quietness in their busy school life and pray and reflect. Many students have said that this time of reflection and prayer has helped find answers to their questions. Many have given feedback that they feel calmer and more relaxed after they have been in the Prayer Space.

It is hard to then research prayer when I have such a bias and when I read such affirming responses from our students after they have visited the Prayer Space. However, there is a lot of research about whether prayer has a positive effect on students.

One piece of research is by Francis and Fisher. In 2014 they wrote about the results of their empirical investigation in an article Prayer and personal happiness: a study among secondary school students in Australia. In their research, they found that students were more positive about their school work when they prayed. They found there was “enhanced happiness and wellbeing.”

The outcome of their research was that prayer could be helpful for students because it can bring about a positive sense of wellbeing and purpose which are vital for students particularly in times of stress and exams.

Reverend Susan Crothers-Robertson
College Chaplain