What’s Been Happening

Children learn and grow through every experience presented to them, whether that is in the classroom or beyond. In the last week there have been many learning opportunities outside the classroom involving physical activities, deep thinking and service to others.

Funky Hair Day
On Friday 8 March our annual Funky Hair Day, to raise money for the Leukemia Foundation, was held and children come to school with their hair in all sorts of crazy designs. Students from the senior school assisted with colouring hair and generating an atmosphere of fun. We thank everyone who was involved for their generosity and support as we were able to raise $1309 which will be combined with the funds raised by the students on the College Ave campus and donated to the Leukemia Foundation.

Maths Week
The students in Years One to Six have been invited to dive into a range of Mathematics activities set up in the Library this week as part of our focus on Maths Week. Our aim is to see all children develop a love of maths and confidence in using numbers. While there are some people who love Mathematics and thrive in solving challenging mathematical problems, it is well known that many adults feel that they are ‘not good at maths’ and it was not their favourite subject at school.

When we possess a particular attitude about mathematics, that can be passes onto our children who build their understanding of things from the role model we set. For example, if a child is finding trouble with mathematics, we could try to ease their anxiety by saying, “Don’t worry, I wasn’t good at Maths either. When you are older you can use a calculator.” This type of response indicates to the child that Mathematics is not important. A different response would be, “Don’t worry, Maths takes a different way of thinking and the more we practise the better we become.”

I find that children feel they are ‘not good at maths’ when they have to think about the questions, when in fact thinking about the questions is essential. It is part of the process and not a sign of competence or lack of ability. The greatest mathematicians in the world spend many hours pondering over questions before they are solved. We need to support our children to understand this fact and build confidence in themselves when they are taking a long time working on a maths question.  As students realise that Mathematics takes deep thinking and time, they are may develop greater confidence in themselves.

The activities in the Library this week are designed to help students build mathematical confidence and develop a joy in exploring the wonder of numbers. We thank Mrs Laurie Wilson for organising

Cross Country

The unusually hot temperatures for March threatened to postpone our annual Cross Country on Wednesday this week, but the event was able to go ahead as all races were held prior to morning tea, before the hottest part of the day. Many of our students understand the benefits of running to develop fitness and build stamina and strength which assists them in playing any sport, and so our Running Clubs are always well attended. This has prepared our students to perform well in Cross Country and Athletics carnivals. The results of the Cross Country and the students selected to represent the College at District and JTAS carnivals will be announced in the near future.

A Sports Assembly will be held on Friday 5 April to present age champion ribbons and medals.


We have been very busy in our Music classes this term. From Kindy to Year Six, we spend time each week in Music singing, exploring, playing and creating. We are very fortunate at St John’s to have a large, open space for our Music lessons which allows us plenty of room for movement and instrumental activities. We also have a large variety of classroom percussion instruments which the children have been using to accompany our songs. Our focus areas this term have been exploring high and low in Kindy and Year One, extending our singing range in Years Two and Three and creating ostinatos in Years Four, Five and Six.

Year Three PYP
This week our Year Three students created pizza box ovens as a provocation for their next PYP unit: How The World Works.  The central idea: Energy Creates Change.