When it comes to the end of each term we aim to use up the food supplies in the Tuckshop to prevent foods from spoiling and going to waste during the holidays. This has meant we have had to close the Tuckshop on the last day of term due to items not being available. Now that we have an online ordering system the Tuckshop can remain open on the last day of term, because families will be able to view the reduced menu and order those items that are still available. It is important to note that not all meals will be available on the last day but families will now have another option available to them in the busy period at the end of the term.

Please click here for the Tuckshop Menu for Term Two.

Our Tuckshop Convenor, Helen Syam is always looking for volunteers to assist her in the Tuckshop. If you do have time to assist please contact Helen on hsyam@sjac.qld.edu.au and let her know.