Taking Action to help Australian Farmers

An important aspect of our curriculum at St John’s is ‘taking action’ on what we learn. Taking action  can mean a variety of things, including learning  more, speaking up against something that is wrong, helping those in need, supporting a good cause. Students are encouraged to take action on their learning at school and within the wider community.

With the recent media reports about the severe drought conditions being experienced in most of NSW and Queensland, many of our students have approached me with the desire to take action to help our farmers. I am thrilled to see our students becoming community minded citizens at such a young age.

Therefore, on Tuesday 28 August we will be running a fundraising event to support Australian farmers. All Primary children and staff members are invited to come to school dressed as farmers on the day. We ask that all participants in this Farmer free-dress day bring along a donation to support the drought appeal. We are keen to raise as much money as we can to buy bales of hay for livestock. We all rely on farmers to provide us with the food we eat and the clothes we wear. We should do what we can to assist them at this difficult time.