St John’s School Box – providing enhanced communication for families

School Box is our new learning management system that will provide improved communication between home and school. We are always looking for ways improve our programs and our use of technology and we believe that SchoolBox will give our families easier access to information about their child’s class, PYP units of inquiry, assignments and special events. Teachers have been communicating to families each week by emailing a weekly snapshot. These snapshots can often become lost amongst the many emails families receive during a week. The new SchoolBox system will provide easy access to your child’s weekly year level snapshots and much more. Throughout 2018 the teachers have been developing the links and layout of their class pages and we are pleased to advise that School Box is now at a point where we can open it up for families to access.

Below you can see a brief guide which will show you what is currently available within SchoolBox and how to access through My St John’s.

What can I use SchoolBox for?

  • General News
  • Accessing Primary Year Group class pages showing you the activities happening in your child’s classroom (currently Years 1 to 6)
  • Primary School page with all relevant details for Primary Parents
  • Any due work the teacher has set your child in SchoolBox
  • Your child’s timetable

New features will be added to St John’s SchoolBox over time and we will post details of these on the My St John’s page.

Accessing SchoolBox

Go to College website and click on “My St John’s” then “Parent” link

At the logon screen, enter your provided College credentials

This will open My St John’s with links to important College services. Along the top menu click on the “SchoolBox” link.

This will auto sign you into SchoolBox and you will see the front page. On the left menu and on the right, you will see your children listed under “My Students”.  Also, on the left menu you will see links to class pages for Primary (currently Years 1 to 6).

Below is an example of the page layout showing your child. This will show the classes your child participates in and the teacher details.  There are also options to access Due Work, ePortfolio and Timetable.  Please note content in some of these options is still under development.

Below is an example of the Due Work page. This will show a calendar of items due.  Clicking on an item will allow you to view any details made available by the teacher.

If you have children in Years One to Six, please access SchoolBox and see what is available to you. We will continue to develop the system over the coming months and have it ready for all classes from Little Saints Kindy to Year Six, by the start of the next school year.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions regarding SchoolBox.