TAS Fixtures
TAS fixtures for Term Two have commenced with Round One against Ormiston College last weekend.  This weekend we are looking forward to hosting St Columban’s College for our first home round.  Take advantage of the home round by coming and supporting our teams this weekend.  Please refer to TAS weekly fixture schedule on the St John’s Sport Facebook page.

Cross Country
On Friday 20 April, keen runners from the Primary and Secondary running squads participated in a practice run ahead of the new district cross country competition. This provided the runners an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the course ahead of the competition on May 4. Well done for braving the rainy conditions, this level of dedication will pay off next week.

Good luck to the following Secondary students who will be competing in the competition:

Hugo Newham Andrew Mitchell  

Daniel Tran

Brodie Haire Stephanie Grob Talia Golding Mitchell Hewitt
Bhoomi Borse Junaid Mirza Sophie Nicholls Caleb Maguire Kobe Blake Oscar Delaney Sarah Absolom
Lachlan Cooper Richa Patel Alyssa Pascoe Mark Dunkley Cooper Blake Makayla Medina-Conway Maddie Nissen
Ainsley Sherrington Kayan Abujobeh Harrison Pascoe Tristan Kippen Daniel Curapiaca-Guzman Finn O’Grady Bradley Worboys
Fallon Wiedemeijer Antoni Toth Ben Lythall Jacob van der Beek

Expressions of Interest – Snow Sporting School Competition
The Interschools Snowsports Championships is a series of snowsports competitions where students compete for their school as part of a team or an individual in any of our nine discipline events.

All expenses are the sole responsibility of the participant, including transport to the snow, accommodation, lift passes, entry,equipment etc.  The criteria for entry is that each participant be a school student, be able to link turns consecutively and able to ride a t-bar independently and confidently. A waiver is also completed by each participant.

As Queenslanders we will be in the NSW/QLD Competition. All information is in the booklet. If you would like to find out more about this activity.  Please email Head of Sport, Melanie Gramenz,

Thank you Rockpress
Thank you to Rockpress for making new metal caps which are used to cover the post holes on our top courts.  This will allow us to use this area for both Volleyball and Basketball activities.

Metropolitan West Trials
Metropolitan West trials have now commenced for the year and all are being advertised in the Daily Notices.  Students wishing to trial must have previous experience in their chosen sport and on most occasions, be required to trial at the Southern Scorpions District Trials.  Please ensure you see Miss Birch before the nominated date.

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If you are attending sports and take some great photos, please supply them to the sports office by Facebook message or USB.  These may be used for Facebook, Ripples, Yearbook or the Sports Dinner.  We love to brag about our sporting achievements so please supply as many images as you can!

Melanie Gramenz
Head of Sport


Due to a number of late withdrawals, there will only be one team will be participating in JTAS Year Four Rugby. The keen Year Four students that are participating are encouraged to continue to attend training sessions and develop their skills.

Thank you to Mrs Wright and Mrs Abeyewardene for their help with the holiday Cross Country training sessions that took place at the Primary Campus.  There was an average of around 40 runners over the four days from both Primary and Secondary Campus, and I am sure they all benefited from the opportunity.

The first Southern Scorpions District Cross Country Carnival will take place on Friday, 4 May at Waterford Rugby League Club and Riverdale Park, Meadowbrook. Some Cross Country runners will be invited to attend the Queensland All Schools Cross Country Championships on Saturday, 5  May at Rivermount College.

Primary Sport Term Two 

Rugby training (Year Four, Five and Six teams) Wednesday afternoons,  3.15pm to 4.30pm Coaches – Mr Murray, Mr Brownlow
Walla Rugby (Year Two and Three) Thursday afternoons, 3.15pm to 4.30pm Coach – Mr Murray and CAC Students
Netball training (Year Four, Five and Six teams) Thursday afternoons  3.15pm to 4.30pm Coaches – Mrs Sanders, Mrs Tyacke, Mrs Jorgensen and  Coach Chloe
Netta Netball training (Year Two and Three) Wednesday afternoons 3.15pm to 4.15pm Coaches – Mrs Jorgensen and Ms Carnell
Auskick starting 4 May –  3.15pm to 4.30pm Coaches – Auskick , Mr Allen and Mr Murray
Lion’s Soccer Clinic  (Prep to Year Three) Monday afternoons 3.15pm to 4.30pm Coaches – Lion’s FC and Mr Murray
Prep, Year One and Two Running Club – Wednesday mornings Primary Oval 7.40am to 8.15am Coach- Mr Murray, Mrs Huffels, Mrs Hall
Year Three to Six Running Club – Thursday mornings Primary Oval 7.40am to 8.15am  Coach- Mr Murray, Mrs E Wilson, Mrs Abbeyewardene, Mrs Hurley and Mrs Boudjema
JTAS Cross Country training – Tuesday afternoons Primary Oval 3.15pm to 4.30pm Coaches – Mr Murray, Mrs Shaw and Mrs Wright

Dates for the Diary for Term Two 

Southern Scorpions District – Cross Country Carnival – Friday 4 May – Meadowbrook Beenleigh
JTAS Ruby and Netball Matches – Round 1 – Saturday 28 April to Round 7 – Saturday 9 June
Met West Cross Country Carnival – Friday 1 June    (Limestone Park – Ipswich) (district representatives)
Auskick Program – Friday 4 May to Friday 8 June
JTAS Cross Country Carnival – 25 May (St Paul’s School)
Primary Athletics Carnival – Wednesday 6 June
Qld All Schools Cross Country Championships – Saturday 5 May (Rivermount) Details to follow
Discus finals – Week 7 (28 May – 1 June) lunchbreaks (details still to be finalised)

To find out more information about Guse’s Tennis Coaching please click here.

Kevin Murrary 
Primary Sports Coordinator