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Duke of Edinburgh Awards

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Program is an internationally recognised, worldwide youth award scheme conducted in over 130 countries. St John’s Anglican College is proud to act as an Award Unit, offering a wide variety of activities and opportunities for those students wishing to take part.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award covers four separate challenges that enable each participant to grow in various ways, all of which can be found within the many extra-curricular activities offered here at St John’s Anglican College:

  1. Physical Recreation – 1 hour per week of physical activity, whether it be on a sporting field, in the swimming pool or in the hundred other places designed for students to push themselves physically.
  2. Skill – 1 hour per week of students testing and developing their mental skills, whether this be learning a musical instrument, learning a new language or taking part in programs such as Chess or Debating. This one is designed to test the students’ minds.
  3. Service – 1 hour per week designed to show the students the importance of giving back to the community. Our many service opportunities cover a wide range of these activities and is a perfect way for the students to engage in a service program.
  4. Adventurous Journeys – two excursions (length dependent on Award Level) designed to test all of these activities in one.

The Award itself is optional and the main aim is for the students to source the activities themselves and the Leaders to provide ongoing support. It is a fantastic opportunity and one that is well-recognised in all forms of later life. It is recommended that any new participant join as early in the academic year as possible to utilise as many of the school activities as they can. Don’t worry though! You can join at any time.

For more information please contact me.

Danielle Jorgensen
Service Learning Coordinator


St John’s International College

As the year draws to a close we would like to sincerely thank our homestay families who have provided great support for our international students who were not able to return home due to COVID-19 this year. We were particularly grateful when our students returned from overseas earlier in the year and were provided with home quarantined care by their respective homestay families.

It has been a challenging time for our international students who haven’t seen their loved ones this year and the next return date is still unknown. We are immensely proud of their courage and resilience during this difficult time.

St John’s International College is organising some exciting programs for our international students during the coming school holidays. We have organised a four-night stay at the Tangalooma Resort, led by the International College staff before Christmas, as well as some shopping and sightseeing trips after Christmas. The aim of organising these activities is to give our international students the opportunity of exploring the local attractions while spending their school holidays in Australia. We hope it would provide them with some excitement after such a long period of not being able to see their loved ones.

It is with immense pride that we have witnessed our international students achieve outstanding academic results this year. A job well done for all international students.

Shirley Sun
Head of St John’s International College