Secondary News

Space Design Competition

We’re pleased to announce that St John’s Australian Space Design Competition (ASDC) team has placed in the top ten school submissions in Australia and will progress to the Australian finals in January 2021.

This is a great achievement by the team who, if they are successful in the Australian finals, will have the opportunity to represent Australia at the International Space Settlement Design Competition Finals at Kennedy Space centre in Florida USA be it virtually or in person.

The team of Senior School students was gallantly lead by Isuka Muthumuni (ASDC CEO) who put a lot of work into the submission, supported by the following students:

Lochani Amarasinghe, Jasmine Dogra, Henry Hoang, Ryan Hoang, Jessica Lanza, Joanna Lanza, Isuka Muthumuni, Taya Mapanga, Bella Nguyen, Ethan Nguyen, Ryan Nguyen and Aiden Tindale.

Helpers – Zoe Eldridge, Chantel Filipowicz, Nicole Jin, Narim Lee, Amanda Liu, Mitchell Lohmann, Andy Nguyen and Jasmin Shearer

Congratulations to all of these students on this great achievement and best of luck in the finals.

Sharon McHugo
Head of Science


Hydraulic Arm Challenge

The Year 9 Design and Engineering Technology students are in the finishing throws of constructing and testing their Hydraulic Arms.  The unit of work has been very challenging and engaging as the students worked in groups to investigate then design hydraulic arms that allow them to compete against one another in a time trial.

Each group has 3 minutes to collect certain objects from a pick-up bay before dunking them in a ‘decontamination tank’ then placing them onto a larger loading bay grid 90 degrees further to the right. They have had to understand fluid dynamics and hydraulic principles to design and construct robot arms that have the required reach and dexterity to achieve the collection of differently shaped and weighted objects.

The engagement of the teams has been brilliant to watch with the students collaborating on their concepts and working together to construct their ideas before testing their prototypes.  Even then, the students have had to brainstorm how they might overcome any issues with their designs and make adjustments as needed.

All in all, the unit of work has been well received and we’re hearing comments such as “this has been the best unit of DET as we get to apply the skills and knowledge we have learnt over the years to our own creations”  We’re very proud of the engineered solutions that the students have come up with and the growth in their learning.  The challenge is not an easy task and the students have worked so well together on their concepts throughout the unit.  Well done Year 9 DET!

Wayne Pascoe
DET Coordinator