Secondary News

Australian Space Design Competition

Earlier in the year, St John’s Secondary students were offered the opportunity to apply our analytical thinking and problem-solving skills at the Australian Space Design Competition. The Australian Space Design Competition (ASDC) is designed for secondary school students with a passion for space, or are considering a future in STEM field. We were compelled by the intricate challenge, to respond to an engineering Request For Tender (RFT) and design a futuristic space settlement. Those of us who have a passion for space, or are considering a future in STEM, organised ourselves into groups to get to work. Isuka Muthumuni, our CEO, designated us into workgroups to tackle different departments; structural engineering, operations and infrastructure, human factors, automation, and business development.

As a group, we met on a weekly basis, working collaboratively and effectively in response to the RFT, creating detailed answers with sketches and intricate planning. It was an unforgettable experience in which we all furthered not only analytical skills but leadership skills in organising and delegating tasks within my team. I highly recommend younger students to participate next year in this wonderful opportunity to apply their STEM skills to this fun, challenging competition!

Henry Hoang
Year 11 Student


Preparing for Year 12 Assessments

As we approach the remainder of the academic year, there are many ways that you might assist your child to prepare for the remaining Year 12 assessment.

Essentially there are five major points of focus:

  1. Acquiring the remaining subject content required for the External Assessment
  2. Practicing External Assessment – mock exams
  3. Identifying knowledge gaps and missing assessment-related skills
  4. Plugging any gaps – remedial teaching
  5. Final revision

Details on each of these areas together with suggestions as to how you may support your child during this time have been emailed directly to all families.  This information can also be found on the My St John’s Homepage and below for your convenience.

Preparing for Year 12 Assessments – Tips for Helping Your Child

Whilst 2020 has been an uncertain and unprecedented time for our Year 12 cohort, I am confident that our students are being very well prepared for External Exams. We are in the fortunate position of having completed the bulk of our assessment prior to the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the academic calendar and timetable realignment that was implemented last year. In addition, we have also allowed ample time for students to prepare for the External Assessment.

It is hoped that with continued support from parents and staff, our students will be in the position to optimise their academic outcomes at the end of 2020.

Andrew Landroth
Deputy Principal – Curriculum and Innovation


Performing Arts 

This term our classroom Drama and Music students have delved deeper into various content, challenging our students in a number of ways. In Year 9 Drama and English, students are studying an integrated unit based upon Shakespeare. In Drama, students are focusing on the conflicts within Shakespeare’s plays and how he built tension through fight scenes to engage an audience. This week, Year 9 Drama students learnt stage combat sword-fighting skills to safely develop these challenging scenes.

Senior students have been completing their final tasks before preparations for mock exams and external assessments begin. The Year 12 Drama students performed a contemporised traditional Greek Theatre piece from Sophocle’s play Antigone, while Year 11 Drama students performed Australian Gothic scenes from Children of the Black Skirt by Angela Betzien.

Although rehearsals were cancelled this week we encourage students to keep rehearsing and practicing at home. Even if it is just a few minutes a day, constant practice will not only keep skills improving but will also help lower stress and increase wellbeing. Sing in the shower, or whilst mowing the lawn, keep your instrument out of its case so you are more likely to pick it up and practice, do some practice to help yourself.

Russell Morgan
Director Performing Arts Centre of Excellence