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The staff at St John’s are to be applauded for the time and effort they have invested in preparing our remote online teaching and learning program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers have gone above and beyond in an effort to provide their students with the best resources possible to continue their learning with minimal interruption.

Teaching and learning in an online environment present many new and difficult challenges for both teachers and students alike. Humans use many different ways to communicate; many of them non-verbal. Most of us recall that one of the key things that makes a teacher effective is the way they were able to connect with us. Sometimes a nod or a thumbs-up can be as powerful as a thousand words. These nuances are difficult to replicate in the online environment and this has forced teachers to rethink their approach to the extent that in many respects teaching online is a completely different proposition to teaching in a physical classroom. The degree to which the staff of St John’s has  upskilled, whilst simultaneously developing resources and adjusting their practice has been truly impressive and speaks volumes for the professionalism of our teachers.

Feedback gathered from staff and students who participated in testing at the end of Term One showed that in excess of 80% of students found lesson resources easy to find and interact with on the school Learning and Management System (LMS) – SchoolBox. In a survey given to students, 84% responded that one to one video conferences with their teacher helped them understand aspects of a lesson. 88% of our students reported that they felt they could learn successfully over a period of one or more weeks in an online scenario. 96% of staff reported that they could teach successfully online for a period of one or more weeks.

Student engaged well in the trial days and their feedback was crucial in informing the college to make adjustments to the way online lessons are being delivered this term. Some of the feedback that has been implemented includes:

  • Reducing the amount of content given for each period to 40 minutes
  • Limiting homework to essential tasks only
  • Providing one period per cycle as catch-up for each subject
  • Increasing the face-to-face time between teachers and students
  • Reactivating the chat function to allow peer to peer support

Since returning to College at the beginning of Term Two, the following data has been collected:

Thanks to the outstanding work done by staff, combined with the high level of engagement and maturity displayed by our student body, St John’s is very well placed to continue engaging in online learning and should any further impacts from COVID-19 eventuate, we will be prepared.

Andrew Landroth
Deputy Principal – Curriculum and Innovation

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Robyn Whyte
Food Services