Principal’s Message

The last newsletter of the year is always a little difficult to write. Tiredness has made its mark on the whole community. Thank you comments echo in our ears at numerous ceremonies and gathering moments. Many have received certificates and they are delighted by the recognition.

To walk this College while classes are underway is to walk through one of the best schools in this nation. The atmosphere is calm, the faces friendly and welcoming, the activity purposeful and the intent of those you meet is to be helpful. Each of these qualities translates easily into a community that welcomes all.

There are other thoughts too, those wondering about teachers for next year, whether their subject choice is really right or how they will achieve their five top goals for next year. It really can be a time of many and mixed emotions in the community. Most of the concerns are just the normal aspects that fill our lives. They are experienced by all and solved by most in our own personal manner. Again we have probably discovered that we have resolved well the challenges that have been part of our year and mostly we have contemplated what matters in order to have a meaningful life.

The weeks ahead are for us all a much needed time of rest and emphasis on other agendas. Holidays are approaching and many are looking forward to the fun of family gatherings, presents and time to indulge in relaxation. Reading becomes a real chance and indulgence during the Christmas break.

Whatever your state of mind as the year comes to a close, I thank all in the community for your contribution to another very successful College year. I see so much success and growth taking place across St John’s. This is a wonderful community, and the year deserves to be well celebrated in final community gatherings that we have been able to share in person across the year levels in recent days.

As you rest and consider the time ahead I would commend to you a moment of contemplation about how you might assist those in the world who are suffering genuine hardship at this time. Perhaps a prayer for their well-being or a practical donation through a charity might be considered.

I wish you all the greetings of the seasons. Take care and “God Bless” to all!

Mrs Maria McIvor