Principal’s Message

I wish to express my thanks once again to all of you for your continued support during the past few difficult weeks. We will not try to say that this has been an easy time for any of us. However, the support of St John’s families has been inspiring. Students have also been reaching out to connect to staff and to me, which I have greatly appreciated. It has been pleasing to see students coming each day. One student recently emailed:

“I wanted to let you know that my core teachers have all done a really good job at providing my class with the easiest to understand way of learning. They have been fantastic the past two weeks, having organised and set up the OneNote information so that it is easy to follow and understand in each lesson. Those four teachers have made this situation of online schooling so much better whilst being under pressure themselves.”

As we move to the staged approach to our student return, we unequivocally welcomed students back to school on Monday. In fact, we have prepared something special for our students to view on Friday and below is a sneak peek for you:

“The force has been strong.  Our Jedi warriors started to return on Monday with Kindy, Prep, Year 1, Year 11 and 12.  We await orders for ALL to return on May 25.

To my Jedi warriors, the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy, the Force will guide your actions and movements on Campus to keep you all safe.  There is one that can not return immediately to the College. Jedi Eva is her name.  She carries with her the force from all of us here at St John’s while she remains in Melbourne.  Jedi Eva has our love and prayers until she returns.”

In preparation for a whole College return, we have implemented several safety protocols that all students and staff will be required to follow for the foreseeable future. This information has been previously advised and the College will continue to provide information and updates as they come to hand. I encourage you to read this information carefully and to listen to what the College is communicating, rather than uncertain information and speculation that may be provided on social media. We need to be flexible and adaptable when advice continues to change so suddenly. It has been incredibly difficult for schools in general, but we are confident in our re-imagined model at St John’s.

We all realise the seriousness of this illness and are very conscious of the highly infectious nature of this virus. It is because of this; our safety measures have been put in place – to protect all members of our community. Your agreement to return to College has been a commitment to follow these regulations and the directions of staff, to keep everyone safe and well.

It has been well documented that there are several things we can do to help us through when we find ourselves overwhelmed. To find something to be grateful for each day is certainly one of them no matter how low we might be feeling and reach out in service to others. This action has certainly healed many a troubled soul.

I am grateful for our teachers of St John’s who are extraordinary people and their true character has shone through during these challenging times. Please see the prayer card that was given to me by my teacher over 40 years ago. It has relevance today.

We pray for our teachers, staff and their families who give so much for our children. We are grateful for them in our community.

Please be assured of our loving prayers and support.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Maria McIvor