Principal’s Message

We welcome you back to the school year for 2020.

Of course, we cannot commence with any message to the year without sending our sincere thoughts to everyone affected by the recent devasting bushfires. We send our support to each community and every individual affected and join the rest of Australia in thanking the tireless firefighters, volunteers, community support workers and every single selfless person who has assisted our fellow citizens in this tragic time of need.

This tragedy has brought sadness and devastation to so many, but in the midst of such hardship, the inspiration of witnessing community, neighbours and strangers alike coming together in solidarity to support one another has once again been a demonstration of the collective spirit of humanity and compassion we can share as fellow citizens. To all once again we say thank you.

Last week, I welcomed every teacher and every student during House Meetings, and I must proclaim the excitement and spirit which was in abundance as they performed their House Cry on my request.   It was amazing to witness so many happy faces and such an excited, exuberant buzz in the air. A special welcome to all new students and new staff. I do hope all who are new to our community find a warm welcome and that we are generous in helping you adjust to our ‘St John’s Way’.

We have all had very different experiences while being apart these 6 weeks and those experiences now return to our College to enrich all our lives. While breaks from routine are essential it is also good to be back for a new year. I noticed plenty of good humour in the catching up that continued throughout this week. This week, with the settling in almost done, the ‘real’ work begins for all. I do hope any who need a little more help to adjust will talk through issues with a sympathetic and helpful adviser here at our College.

We will continue to update and advise any further direction from the Queensland Chief Health Officer regarding the novel coronavirus and people who have visited China in recent weeks. While anyone who has been in contact with any confirmed novel coronavirus cases must self-isolate (self-isolation means staying at home and not accepting visitors) for 14 days following exposure, together with travellers who have visited Hubei Province of China need to self-isolate for 14 days after leaving Hubei Province, the latest update was as follows:

Returned travellers who have visited China including Hong Kong SAR cannot attend school, childcare or TAFE for 14 days after leaving China including Hong Kong SAR

This advice is applicable to both our international and domestic students.

We have formulated a College approach in the provision of educational support for the students who are presently off-campus.  We are facilitating the filming of all lessons by teachers and uploading on to our Learning Management System, School Box, so students can access classwork and resources from anywhere in the world. Therefore, not being disadvantaged in their educational learning.

Thank you in advance for your support as we attempt to keep our community safe and healthy with minimal disruption to our children’s learning.

The academic results from last year are a matter of some pride to our College. In the final year of the OP, our Year 12 cohort achieved 100%, the highest percentage of OP 1-15 in the history of the College, with OP 1-2 results second highest. This year’s excellent outcomes are the greatest in over five years and are reflective of the hard work and commitment of the Class of 2019, the professionalism of our teaching staff and the significant investment in academic strengthening underway at St John’s Anglican College. Once again congratulations to all students and staff on what was an exceptional year.


Mrs Maria McIvor