Principal’s Message

Unbelievably the year is rapidly winding to a close. At the end of every year we have many events that celebrate the activity of the College. There are many awards to be given and moments to be remembered. Given that this is the last ‘Ripples’ that the Class of 2019 will officially receive, I hope you will forgive a little crowing, like the cacophony outside my window as I write this missive, about this remarkable group of young men and women who have led with such grace and charm this year.

Our brothers and sisters have been well prepared for their future, through the many opportunities afforded them, to have confidence in themselves; and, have courage to speak up when things don’t seem right, courage to serve others before self, courage to try new things, courage to fail and then try again, courage to challenge and surprise themselves.

We thank our Class of 2019 for their kindness and goodness to others in the College community; for their focus on including all people in their daily leadership; and their affirmation of one another’s achievements.  We are grateful for their leadership.

Their individual and collective character was evident at the Valedictory Service at St John’s Cathedral and Dinner in the evening, where it was a truly joyous occasion. It is always such a privilege to watch these beautiful young men and women doing what they have done all year – having fun and delighting in each other’s company.

This week sees another signature event in the lives of our graduating class, Final Assembly on Friday. Staff are busily preparing behind the scenes, just as they did for the Formal, and we look forward with great excitement to celebrating these significant rites of passage in the lives of our students.

Every end is a beginning, and as our leavers prepare to leave the relative cocoon of a place where many of them have spent the majority of their lives thus far, they seem well placed to make their mark on a world that desperately needs their benevolent influence. They will do this not necessarily through their achievements but through their good character and through the example they set. As they transition from students to Old Collegians we encourage the Class of 2019 to stay involved, connected and support each other along the way.

In a world where we are so often encouraged to live in fear, the challenge is to confront such fear by becoming agents of peace and love in the world. We must strive to make our influence count by standing up for our principles, and allow the words of the well-known blessing to echo in our hearts:

“Go forth into the world in peace; be of
good courage; hold fast that which is good;
render no man evil for evil; strengthen the
fainthearted; support the weak; help the
afflicted; honour all people.”

Those of us who have learned to respect, love and trust the Class of 2019 know that the world is already and will continue to be a better place because they are in it.

They leave with our blessing, and we will honour them this week with gratitude and sincerity.

Mrs Maria McIvor