Principal’s Message

The School Musical production, Annie, has been nothing short of extraordinary. The leads and chorus sing with superb precision on a magnificent set, supported as always by a brilliant orchestra playing a challenging score with impressive precision. Meanwhile an army of ‘techies’ and volunteers have worked together to ensure that all goes according to plan and the outcome is a welcome lift to all our spirits as we delighted in the joy that emanates from some 300 people working together in a common cause. Every performance is different, and every performance has been scintillating.

The production was essentially a sell out and the audiences at each production were left in awe at many aspects of the production. There were many performances that will live on in our memories. Some of these were individual and some by sections of the cast. All the leads played a critical part in the success of the production. There were also some wonderful moments where time stopped while we watched the performance. Essentially, every scene was memorable and superbly presented. I would add that the production success had many contributors, for example, the props, the costumes, makeup, graphics and the set as being major parts of the visual and theatrical moment that was Annie.

Educationally, it was wonderful to see boys and girls of such a wide age-range working so productively together. This show had high performance expectations and could not have been produced without the leadership and creative ability of a very large number of people. Mr Russell Morgan, Director, Performing Arts Centre of Excellence and Mr Neill Thacker, Head of Music, are first on a list of those to be congratulated together with cast and crew. They dedicated themselves to the production of this musical and throughout they focussed on the involvement of many and they remained focussed on the key beneficiaries of this school musical – the students.

We were immensely proud of this production and thankful to a large number of staff and parents who contributed to its success. Many other contributors played big roles in the final success of the production. To the many parents who helped, I give thanks and appreciation from all at the College. Finally, a huge thank you to the cast and musicians who, as well as thrilling us with their performances, were also busily meeting their academic and sporting commitments like every other student. They will no doubt feel a little flat, as indeed will we all, but I am sure the memories of this magical endeavour will sustain them as they settle back into the busy routine of school life. Occasionally one wonders why we subject ourselves to such a gargantuan undertaking. For those involved it is exhausting. Yet it is surely the best kind of work, with each person involved depending on those around them and with so many opportunities to learn and grow through what is ultimately such a joyful journey. For the audiences who represent our College community, it is such a privilege to watch in amazement as their children, students, peers and friends delight in engaging us and there is a justifiable sense of pride that in some small way we are all a part of their triumph.

Teamwork, good education, many lessons in problem solving and professionalism were the winners from the production of Annie. If there was any doubt about the enthusiastic response from the students, I would remind those who saw the production to remember the “Tomorrow” song. It was really an anthem that spoke about the pleasure of seeing the best in people and by metaphor about the pleasure and hope of being associated with the best activity. It was a great College activity from so many perspectives.

Mrs Maria McIvor