Primary News

Our Mothers’ Day celebrations held last Friday were enjoyed by all who attended. The students in Class 2C presented a beautiful Chapel service thanking mothers and those who have been like a mothers to us. Following this, the Early Years students pampered their mothers and other special visitors with back and hand massages and adorned them with handmade jewellery and crowns. A morning tea to conclude the event was then held in the Chapel and the students sailed through the rest of the day with memories of the fun they had doing something special for people they love.

The students in Years Three to Six attended the Upper Primary Chapel Service in the afternoon, led by Class 4W. This was followed by the finale of our recent Interhouse Engineering Event and visiting mothers and other family members were able to observe the proceedings and join in the fun.

Each House was given the challenge of constructing a chair strong enough to hold the weight of Mr Brownlow, using only cardboard and tape. After the very exciting testing phase, which resulted in some chairs and Mr Brownlow not remaining upright, Delbeta House was announced as the winner and received the inaugural Engineering Challenge trophy. We congratulate all the students who spent considerable time and energy brain storming solutions to this challenge, creating a design and building the prototype. It was an excellent way to introduce our students to the area Engineering and inspire them to explore this field further. Students in Years Three to Six will be invited to participate in our annual Innovation Challenge that will be held in early Term Four and are encouraged to identify a problem or issue that they can address with their innovative solutions. More information about the 2018 Innovation Challenge will be provided to students early in Term Three.

 Pupil Free Day on Monday 22 October 2018 – Verification Day

In Term Four each year in Queensland, a day is set aside in the calendar, as a pupil free day to allow teachers to verify the results of their students’ assessment pieces. This is an important process that ensures equality of marking across the different schools throughout the State. Prior to this day, the teachers spend considerable time meeting together to moderate their students’ assessment pieces. This involves marking the work and discussing the grades each student will receive according to the assessment criteria. Moderation takes place across the classes and between different schools and helps to ensure that assessment pieces are marked fairly and consistently. It avoids an individual teacher marking too hard or giving higher grades to work that doesn’t meet the criteria.

Although the moderation process was only used in secondary year levels in the past, it has now become the practice of many primary schools. Good educators understand the value of collaborating together when planning, assessing and reflecting on the teaching and learning process and studies reveal that schools that use a consistently collaborative approach such as moderation can significantly improve student outcomes.

In recent years numerous primary schools around the State have joined the secondary schools in setting aside the Verification Day as pupil free day to provide their teachers with a solid block of time to collaborate and moderate their students’ assessment pieces. This year, St John’s will do the same and Monday 22 October will be a pupil free day for all Prep to Year Twelve students. Please note that Little Saint’s Kindergarten will continue to operate as usual as it is not a pupil free day for Kindy children.

Families are encouraged to mark this date in their calendars and make plans for the care of their school aged children on Monday 22 October. Our ABCC will be operating a program for Primary school children on the day and families who have their children enrolled in ABCC can register their children to attend. Children must be booked into the program no later than Friday 19 October to allow us time to secure the appropriate staffing ratios. Places are limited and there is a small cost involved. A program of activities and booking form will be made available closer to the date.  If you have any questions about the Verification Day on Monday 22 October, please let me know.

We recently received a new teaching aid in the Primary Library and we thank Olivia Sanders, a current Year 12 student at St John’s for constructing and donating this new book display board. It will be used by teachers when they are reading big books to students during literacy sessions and Literature lessons.

Kind regards
Sandra Hawken
Head of Primary