Primary News

On Wednesday 21 March, Harmony Day was celebrated around Australia and in the lead up to this day our students participated in a range of activities and discussions to help them develop the skills and attitudes that build respect for others and contribute to a peaceful world. St John’s is a place of respectfulness and community, were students are provided with many opportunities throughout the year to serve others and take action for the good of all. Our International Baccalaureate PYP is the framework through which these community values are taught; however, we also hold special events and activities to enhance our programs. Harmony Day is one example of an added event.

To acknowledge Harmony Day the children across the year levels met with their buddies and talked about what it means to be a good friend. Older students worked with the children in the Early Years and gave them strategies for making friends, and ideas on what to do when things go wrong in relationships. They wrote their thoughts on orange paper hearts and displayed these in the Chapel as a reminder of the time shared together and the good ideas that were generated.

As part of the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, our Year Three to Six students participated in a webinar on cyberbullying on Thursday last week, and presentations were given at both assemblies to encourage our children to use their words and actions in caring and generous ways. Friday 16 March, was Australia’s eighth National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence and the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull called upon all schools across Australia to get involved. Our school was certainly involved, but will not limit our actions to one or two days of the year. Instead, we weave these important concepts throughout our teaching programs so that everything we do and teach and learn enhances a supportive and respectful school environment.

Obviously, when we are working with young people who have limited life experience and who may not have developed the social skills they require, there may be times when problems arise. Children can sometimes make inappropriate decisions, without stopping to think about their actions, but it is through these experiences that they can learn and improve. Sometimes children are not able to manage a friendship issue on their own and they need adult support to guide them. They also need adults to help them develop the resilience to cope with all situations in life.

It is essential that children tell their teachers if situations arise at school that upset them or cause them to feel worried or sad. Please contact your child’s teacher if he/she is feeling any concern. Nipping things in the bud can prevent them from continuing or escalating and strong partnerships between home and school help to positively influence each individual child and maintain our College’s wonderful, community culture.

No Clubs in Week Ten

Extra-curricular Clubs will not operate in the last week of term due to Parent/Teacher Interviews. Clubs will recommence in Week Two of Term Two, in the week commencing, Monday 23 April.


We congratulate Maddie Newham who participated in the State Swimming Championships this week.  Maddie swam the 100m butterfly and came 17th in the State and broke her personal best time.  Well done!

We also congratulate Hunter and Poppy Weekes who recently participated in the Queensland Karate Association State Titles. Poppy won two medals, a bronze and silver and Hunter won a silver.

Congratulations to Deep and Sarbani Maitra who have qualified to play in the State Squash Championships in Townsville on 31 May.  We wish them the best of luck!

These students practice for hours each week to develop the skill and stamina to perform at such high levels. We commend them on the passion they show for their chosen sports.


School Holidays

The Easter Holidays will commence on Friday 30 March and the first day of Term Two will be Tuesday 17 April. However, please note that Kindergarten children will return on Monday 16 April. Our ABCC has developed an excellent program of activities for families requiring care for their children during the holiday break. Please visit the College website to view the program and complete the relevant booking form to confirm a place for your child.

I wish all families a happy and safe vacation period and look forward to seeing everyone returning again next term.

Kind regards
Sandra Hawken
Head of Primary