Parking and Kiss and Drive Procedures

Parents are reminded that parking on school grounds is reserved for Staff and Kindergarten families only. Parents delivering their children to early morning clubs and activities, such as Running Club and Tennis, are asked to move their cars from the College grounds by 7.45am to allow staff and Kindergarten parents to park prior to the commencement of school.

The Emergency Parking zone directly in front of the double gates at the far end of the oval must never be blocked by parked vehicles. The Emergency zone, clearly identified with yellow hatched markings, allows easy access for emergency vehicles onto the oval when required.

Alpine Place can become congested for a short period during afternoon pick-up time and we recommend that parents refrain from coming to pick-up too early as delaying the collection of your child minimises congestion. Parents who do arrive in the pick-up zone prior to their child may be asked to move on and return again later to allow the traffic to continue to flow.

The Kiss and Drive process was developed after much consultation with Brisbane City Council and Police. The following points should be remembered when using Kiss and Drive:

  • The Kiss and Drive zone is a ‘two minute pick-up and drop-off area’ and drivers should not leave their car whilst in this area.
  • Vehicles are not permitted to park in the Kiss and Drive Queuing zone.
  • Vehicles should not enter the round-a-bout if it will obstruct the movement of traffic. It is an offence to stop at any point on the round-a-bout and obstruct traffic while waiting to enter the Queuing zone.
  • Parents are asked to be considerate of those following behind and move to the farthest space in the zone before stopping in the Kiss and Drive area.
  • Waiting until 3.20pm avoids the busiest pick up time and minimises congestion.

The Kiss and Drive process works well when parents follow the procedures and assist us by staggering the collection of their children. Children are always supervised in the Kiss and Drive area until 3.30pm each day and so parents do not need to rush to the school at exactly 3.00pm or 3.10pm when classes finish.

I thank you for your support in using Kiss and Drive safely.