During the past weeks our Performing Arts students have been preparing their assessment pieces by performing and rehearsing, writing assignments, and presenting drama pieces. For our Middle School students this incorporates social issue improvisations in Year Eight drama to Italian Comedy in Year 10 Drama.  Our Senior Drama classes have been designing concepts for plays using stage lighting and our wonderful facilities whilst our Music students have been composing for their film music unit. The Performing Arts Centre of Excellence has been a hive of activity and learning.

All of our ensembles have been rehearsing and preparing for upcoming performances which has been lots of fun.

FOTA Trivia Night 
I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the members of Friends of the Arts (FOTA) who organised another fabulous trivia night on Saturday 7 March, this year with a tropical twist.

It was a great night of fun for all who attended, as guests dressed up and had a great sense of community. Thanks to Mr Adrian Roll for being our host for the evening and Lachlan Kemp (Yr 10) for being our DJ. Thank you to all who attended this great fundraising event and we look forward to hosting you again next year!

Russell Morgan
Director Performing Arts Centre of Excellence