Library, Information and Research Centre

Our Library, Information and Research Centre has undergone a transformation in recent weeks and is now a favourite lunchtime destination for many young designers, artists, lego masters and promising engineers, as well as continuing to be the place with cosy corners for reading a good book or two.

Libraries can no longer be seen as places reserved only for silent reading of paper-based books; fiction, non-fiction and reference materials. Research is telling us that libraries of the future need to provide places for sharing, creating and communicating as well as consuming or reading books and researching information. Along with the essential hard copy books, magazines and journals, libraries also need to provide access to online resources and other materials that give visitors to the library opportunities to not only read for enjoyment, but to also be curious, experiment with ideas and materials, ask questions, seek solutions and keep learning.

Our primary students are thoroughly enjoying the new layout of the library, with the quiet reading area, Makerspace and Lego Square. Mrs Wilson’s expertise in STEM and Library is helping to transform our Library, Information and Research Centre into the hub for inquiry on the primary campus. We look forward to seeing the ongoing development of this area.

Mrs Wilson is seeking donations of various materials often used in packaging to keep the Makerspace stocked with construction supplies. Please read the list of items that we are seeking. If you have anything you can donate, it would be greatly appreciated.