Lake Side Reflection

In the Christian Church Easter is not just a one-day event, rather we are called to be Easter people.  People of the resurrection and embracing the opportunity of new life daily. As we return to a new school term, how will we live into the calling of being Easter people? Our school is a Christian school within the Anglican tradition. This means we value “diversity, inclusiveness and tolerance,” both within the community of St John’s and beyond. These words give us a clue in how we are to live our lives as Easter people.

In the past week, we have held three ANZAC Services at St John’s. In those services we have remembered those who courageously gave their lives or were injured in war so that we may live in peace. We also remembered and are grateful for the men and women in the Defence force who today serve their country with great courage.

ANZAC Day and the season of Easter remind us that we are called to embrace diversity in all its shapes and colours. The Anglican Church is known for taking the middle way, “via media.” This means we are called to include all people. We are called to be tolerant of others. We live in a multicultural world and our school engages with the world on a global level. Our values will hold us in good stead as we work together.

Jesus said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and spirit, and love your neighbour as yourself.” As Easter people we are called to love our neighbours wherever they may be.

Reverend Susan Crothers-Robertson
College Chaplain