Early Years Night of Celebration

Our Night of Celebration for students in Years Three to Twelve, held in City Hall on Monday this week, was a wonderful evening. We congratulate all our students for their involvement. Our students in Prep to Year Two will participate in the Early Years Night of Celebration on Friday, 23 November from 6.30pm in the Performing Arts Centre, Secondary Campus. 

Information about the rehearsals to be held on the mornings of Thursday 22 and Friday 23 November, and about the Early Years Night of Celebration are outlined below.

All Preparatory to Year Two students will be involved in rehearsals for this evening and are expected to attend our special event on Friday, 23 November. Formal uniform is to be worn, hats are not required.

Rehearsals – Thursday 22 and Friday 23 November 2018
Students in Prep to Year Two, Capriccio Choir, Alpine Singers, Year Five/Six Dance Troupe and Primary Strings Ensemble
All Prep to Year Two classes will travel by bus to the Performing Arts Centre at College Avenue for familiarisation and rehearsal of student presentations. The buses will leave the Primary Campus from 8.35am and return by 12.30pm on both days.

The students will require Morning Tea and a drink to ensure their comfort during this time. Tuckshop will not be available for morning tea on these days. This period of rehearsals commences at 9.00am and will continue through until approximately 12.00pm.

Students in Alpine Singers, Year Five/Six Dance Troupe and Primary Stings Ensemble will only attend rehearsals on Friday 23 November.

Early Years’ Night of Celebration – Friday November 23
Children are requested to arrive at the Performing Arts Centre of Excellence between 5.45 pm and 6.00 pm. Parking is available in the lower College Avenue Campus car park. Entry is off College Avenue. Students should report directly to their class teacher in the following locations:

Prep – PA 4 classroom (demountable buildings)
Year One and Two – Outside the Drama Rooms at the back of the Performing Arts Centre
Alpine Singers, Year Five/Six Dance and Year Three Capriccio – Performing Arts Foyer
Primary Strings Ensemble – PA3 classroom (demountable buildings)

Rolls will be marked at this time and students will remain with their supervising teachers until the conclusion of the event.  Parents can make their way into the Performing Arts Centre from 6.00pm and celebrations commence at 6.30pm.

During the evening, all Prep to Year Two students will perform an item as a year level and be congratulated on their year at St John’s Anglican College. Many students will also be involved in various other performances during the evening.

This is a night when we as a community celebrate the combined joys and successes of the 2018 school year and acknowledge the students in all Prep to Year Two classes. The children are very excited about their opportunity to perform on the big stage. We look forward to seeing you there.