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Old Collegians’ Awards Breakfast

The Old Collegians’ Awards recognises the exceptional achievements of St John’s graduates in many fields of endeavour, in tertiary study, professional life and in the community in which they live. From the earliest graduates in 2000 to the most recent in 2019, all of our graduates strive to be well-educated, innovative, inspirational and compassionate people of influence.

The nominees are acknowledged and winners announced at the Old Collegians’ Awards Breakfast on Wednesday 11 November 2020 at Hillstone St Lucia Golf Links. This event celebrates the achievements of our past students and brings together the network of community members who support St John’s.

We are thrilled to welcome this year’s guest speaker – Old Collegian Megan Towner, Class of 2003, to share her experiences of starting her own successful business: Coastal Cookie Co and staring on Channel 7’s Zumbo’s Just Desserts.

This event is free for all Old Collegians’ and the St John’s community to attend.

Please ensure that you RSVP your attendance with any dietary requirements by Monday 2 November 2020.

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Samantha Jackson
Development Officer


Parenting Ideas: A flexible approach  to raising kids

This year’s unique challenges have brought a sharper focus on child-rearing styles. Parents who rely one style have often struggled to meet the emotional needs of their children.

Kids who are worried, fearful or fretting about the future initially benefit from a nurturant, empathetic approach. “I get it” is what they want to hear so they feel safe and secure. They also benefit from a firmer approach where an adult communicates “You can cope with this” is something kids need to hear when they experience change, difficulty and disappointment.

This combination of nurturance and firmness is known as an authoritative approach according to Diane Baumrind, a leading researcher on parenting styles. A purely nurturant style is known as a permissive style, while a singularly firm style is known as authoritarian.

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Robern Hinchliffe
Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care