Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy

Each year we review our policies and procedures to ensure they comply with legislation and continue to be highly effective. One important policy area is Student Protection and the College has a number of procedures in place to ensure the safety of all children at St John’s. These documents are available for viewing on the College website and families are invited to read them and provide any feedback.

The Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy, is a document which outlines the principle aims and strategies the College has in place to ensure a safe environment and outlines the procedures in place for things such as risk management, compliance with the blue card system and training for employees and volunteers.

All organisations in Queensland that fall within the scope of the blue card system are required to have a Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy in place. At St John’s we have a College Strategy in place as well as strategies for Little Saints Kindergarten, ABCC and Early Years ABCC. Please take a moment to review the College’s Child and Youth Risk Management Strategies and if you have any feedback or suggestions please let me know.

Keeping our children safe is a top priority for us at St John’s. If you ever have any questions about our policies and procedures or you are concerned about a child please speak to one of our Student Protection Officers: Sandra Hawken, Martin Brownlow, Robern Hinchliffe or Wayne Pascoe.