Ripples Edition 18 | 15 November 2018

Principal’s Message

Dear College families,

Thank you to our families who were able to attend our annual Night of Celebration held at the Brisbane City Hall on Monday 5 November 2018. We gathered in the wonderful historic building with its warm and inviting ambience to celebrate the year’s achievements of our students and staff. We also thank everyone who played a role in making this evening a huge success and, in particular, our students in Performing Arts who presented wonderful musical items throughout the program.

St John’s is a learning community that celebrates when its values have been upheld and its expectations have been met, because we know that acknowledging success is one of the important elements in the ideal learning environment in which children thrive and prosper.

A particular highlight of the year has been the launch the official record of the first twenty five years of the establishment of this community; Forest Lake College now St John’s Anglican College. I encourage you to purchase your copy of Living Forest if you have not yet done so. It contains a list of all students enrolled during the 25 years, so at the very least it will provide family memorabilia. But more importantly, it’s a great tale, of human endeavour in the pursuit of establishing a Christian, values-based learning community, committed to providing an excellent education for students of families who have joined us because they share those values. I wholeheartedly thank all who generously assisted esteemed historian, Mr James Mason OAM, to research and write the History Book ‘Living Forest’ which has become central to the celebration of 25 Years of College growth and development. Your contribution is highly valued.

St John’s students are blessed to be educated, in a school where teachers care deeply about them and where pastoral care is second to none. In fact, students who thought the grass might be greener elsewhere, have told us on their return to St John’s, that they are desperate to experience the St John’s way again, where the teachers respect them, care about them and are prepared to walk the educational journey with them. They say its “cool to do well at St John’s” and they did not know that this was unique until they went somewhere else.

St John’s students are also blessed to be educated in an Anglican school. This is so, because Anglican Schools are welcoming and inclusive schools, that value the pursuit of knowledge and intellectual endeavour, develop a young person’s character and teach them always to be mindful of the needs of others. More convincing however, is the fact that in drilling down into the International PISA test for 15-year-old students in English, Maths and Science conducted annually by the OECD; you will see Australian Anglican Schools right there among the top five highest performing sector in the world, alongside the astounding and world-renowned results for students in Singapore, and Shanghai.

Not only are students national and international tertiary pathways enhanced through these experiences; but also, their life chances are strengthened because they attended an Anglican School.

There is no system in the world or any school in the country that is better than its teachers. Teachers are the lifeblood of the success of schools. Thank you to community members who nominated four of our teachers for Excellence in Teaching Awards this year.  Congratulations to Joanne Turner, Laurie Wilson, Sharon McHugo and Glenn Johnson. A large number have undertaken significant training using IB Webinars, MOOC’s from Harvard University on Visible Thinking, and the new Qld Certificate of Education for example. It’s been a busy year for adult learning at St John’s.

The great educator, Sir Ken Robinson, reminds educators in every generation that we should think of Education as a Garden, not a hot house, as it’s the gardener’s role to create optimum conditions for flowers to grow. He says nobody can make anybody else learn anything, any more than you can make flowers grow; the flower grows itself. Our job is to provide the optimum conditions for it to do that, to allow itself to grow itself.

St John’s has created the optimum conditions for each child’s growth to prepare them to take the lead in the fast-paced global future that awaits them. Educating children requires us to create a safe school environment, one where people care about one another and where it’s safe for learners to be creative, connected and engaged.

We need to provide many and varied learning opportunities in a balanced program for the whole person so that they may be challenged and engaged to develop their confidence, life skills and character.

We also need to provide a community where everyone is learning; an adaptive, innovative and continuously learning school where the principal, the teachers and the students are all thinking creatively and critically, communicating and collaborating, fostering character development and citizenship, and willingly serving one another at every opportunity.

The idea of the school as a community is an enduring one where children grow up with the values espoused by the community, learning to create new communities throughout their lives modelled on these experiences.

At St John’s that’s who we are and what we do. We educate children in the best possible learning environment, expecting the best, providing support to achieve the best and nurturing character and resilience throughout the journey. St John’s graduates are remarkable young people ready to shape and influence the organisations of the future. They are intelligent, well educated in their field, strong in character, resilient, compassionate, always giving their best, and ready to put their hand up – not out.

Every year, I look forward to presenting the 2018 St John’s Award to the students who demonstrate these values and character traits, at the conclusion of the Night of Celebration. It was my great pleasure to congratulate and present the St John’s Award Winners this year to Gayathri Menon and Harrison Smith.

Kind regards,

Suzanne Bain



Primary News

As we move quickly to the end of Term Four students may begin to think that they have finished their learning for the year. In a sense it is true, they have completed the tasks associated with the curriculum for their age. However, in another sense, their learning is just beginning on another cycle. At St John’s we don’t see learning as a linear process that starts at one point and ends at another. We view learning an ongoing cycle that never ends. Learning can be compared to breathing; a life-long process of taking something in and giving out. When we view learning as something as vitally important to life as breathing, we value education and life’s learning experiences more highly.

In our primary classrooms we use a cycle of inquiry that was developed by an Australian educator, Kath Murdoch. The cycle can be easily understood by the children and involves the ongoing phases of tuning in, finding out, sorting out, going further, reflecting on learning and taking action. The taking action phase brings them back to tuning in again and so the cycle continues. When the students use this cycle of inquiry they can develop a deep understanding of the concepts being studied rather than just memorising surface knowledge.

The inquiry phases of ‘going further’ and ‘reflecting’ require the students to think deeply about their learning, ask questions to find different perspectives and justify their conclusions, and to apply what they have learnt in different ways. The rich tasks in Mathematics and the learning experiences in the PYP units of inquiry are good examples of the times when the inquiry cycle is particularly useful.

Young children are naturally curious and interested in asking questions and it is our aim to encourage our primary students to maintain their curiosity and increase their level of wonder and inquiry. The traditional model of schooling with the teacher as the ‘sage on the stage’ and providing pages of notes for students to memorise has the impact of stifling curiosity and creativity. This is why our focus at St John’s is very different to the traditional model.

At our Orientation Day last Saturday we were able to explain the St John’s inquiry model of learning and our International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program to the many new families who are joining the St John’s community in 2019. We encouraged them as we encourage our current families to provide their children with plenty of opportunities to explore and investigate during the coming holiday period. The holiday period is a great time for families to have deep conversations with their children, tune into something of real interest, reflect on their thinking and take action on something purposeful. This could be building a garden, caring for pets, learning about something new, training in a chosen sport, practising a musical instrument. The list is endless and the opportunities are never-ending. I look forward to hearing about some of the adventures and investigations our students become involved in during the summer holiday period.

Vacation Care
We have created an exciting program of activities for ABCC Vacation Care to be held during December and January. The program is available on the College website and families wishing to use this service are asked to complete the relevant booking forms to confirm places for their children. We are hoping to re-develop the Kindergarten playground during the holiday period and the area will be fenced off and not accessible to children or staff during this time. Children will be able to access the Prep playground and oval for outdoor play and activities.

Swimming Carnival
The annual Swimming Carnival held at the Valley Pool on Tuesday 13 November was a huge success with students from Year Two to Six competing in the events. Ribbons were presented on the day and Age Champions will be announced at the Sports Assembly on Thursday 29 November at 12 noon, in Living Faith Chapel. We thank Mr Murray, Mr Allen and Ms Wright for organising the carnival. We also appreciated the assistance of Ms Gramenz, Ms Birch and a number of Year Ten students from the Secondary Campus.

Christmas STEM Night
On Tuesday 27 November we will be holding our last STEM event for the year. The evening will be open to students in Prep to Year Three and will run from 5.00pm to 6.30pm. Places are limited and families wishing to be involved in this fun and engaging event should secure a place by paying $5 per child and registering their children’s names at Primary Reception, no later than Friday 23 November.  Click here for more information. We look forward to seeing you there.

With kind regards,

Sandra Hawken
Head of Primary


At the core of all IB Programmes is the learner profile, 10 attributes fostered in students that promote their development as responsible members of their local, national and global communities. These attributes are developed through student participation in the MYP.

In teaching our students to be communicators, we encourage them to develop and demonstrate different ways of communicating – from learning an additional language, using subject specific terminology to complete an assessment, or producing dramatic, musical or visual arts creations. Students are assessed in a variety of modes, learning how to deliver a speech, write an essay, or create and explain a gym circuit for a specific sport. Communicating isn’t just about speaking or writing though, and active listening is just as important.

You can support being a communicator at home by encouraging your child to explain their work to you, or practice reading, writing or speaking their mother tongue or the language they’re learning. Encourage your child to keep in touch with friends and family through a variety of media, remembering that a picture is worth a thousand words. Model active listening so that your child gets in the habit of listening to what is being said, rather than just waiting for their turn to talk.

How do I find out more about the MYP at St John’s?  Detailed information on all aspects of the MYP can be found in our MYP Guide for students and parents located on the Parent Portal.  The IBO also provides more information on their website:

Kelly Allgood
MYP Teacher

Best wishes to our graduating Year 12 students
How quickly we find ourselves at the point of saying farewell and best wishes to our Year 12 students. We are very grateful for the leadership and service our Year 12 students have provided to the school community. I extend my very best wishes to all our graduates for their future study and training and their employment prospects. I hope the coming years bring happiness and success to the lives of each of our graduates and I look forward to meeting them at future Old Collegian Reunions of their class and hearing of their life after Secondary School.

Subject choices for 2019
Information has gone home recently advising of allocation of elective subjects for 2019.  Students in Years Eight and Nine have had their elective subjects of study for next year confirmed.  The majority of students got all of their preferences.  In a small number of cases, changes have had to be made as not all subject combinations have been possible.  Students in Year Nine will also soon be asked to confirm the level of Mathematics they wish to study for Year Ten.

Booklists for 2019
An email has been sent home detailing the options for accessing the booklists for 2019.  The booklists can be accessed online from either Campion Education’s website or our St John’s website.  A free delivery service is available from Campion, if you use the on-line ordering service by Wednesday, 5 December 2018.

Career Information
I often get asked by students and their parents about accessing information on careers and the types of study programs that are available.  QTAC have recently released a new site to assist with seeking courses at university.  The link to this site is:

Glenn Johnson
Deputy Principal – Curriculum 


Year 12
Year 12 students will be able to access the final two careers bulletins 7 November and 21 November on the college website at .  Good luck to all Year 12 students!

Course Seeker
A tool for assisting prospective students to research where and what to study –

Help with QTAC Preferences
CQUniversity, Change of Preference event, Monday 17 December –

Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Real Decisions, Tuesday 18 December –

The University of Queensland (UQ), OP Results Advice Night, Monday 17 December – 

HTMi Australia
Hotel and tourism management, The Brisbane campus is located at 359 Queen Street, Brisbane –

The University of Queensland (UQ)
Employ101X, Free, self-paced online course to help you develop your employability –

Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admissions Test (UMAT)
The UMAT will be replaced by the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) in 2019.  Beginning with current Year 11 students, all applicants intending to sit the UMAT in 2019 for entry to university in 2020 will need to sit the UCAT.  From 2019 onwards, the UMAT test will be discontinued.  UCAT will be a mandatory admissions test for the Doctor of Medicine (provisional entry) and Dental Science at The University of Queensland.

The registration for the UCAT will open in March 2019 and close in mid-May.  The UCAT will be offered on a choice of dates throughout the month of July, rather than on one single date.

The test consists of five, separately timed subtests:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Decision Making
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Situational Judgement Test

UCAT preparation –

Annabelle Lam
Careers Advisor

Grade Nine Community Project

The Smith Family, hold the title of Australia’s largest national education-orientated charity, it is an independent non-profit children’s charity. Their noble goal is to create opportunities for disadvantaged children/families and to encourage them to participate more fully in society. Their motto, “Every Child Deserves a Chance,” is a belief that we share, therefore for our Grade Nine Community Project, we aim to raise funds that we can donate to The Smith Family.

Purchase our packs of lollies for $3.00each, the can be purchased from now until the end of the term. We will have stalls around the campus so make sure you stop by and help support this great cause.  Donating to this charity will not only provide children the resources that they need but will also help brighten up their lives. As little as $20 will make a huge difference in their lives, as it will help provide them with education, resources and so much more.

We urge you to purchase our lollies and help us reach our goal to raise $100, which will be enough to give various disadvantaged students the skills, education, and essentials to stay in school and get the most from their education, so they can create a better future for themselves. Every donation WILL make a difference.


Hong Le and Jessica Lanza
Year Nine Students


This week the Year Eight students have been testing their CO2 powered dragsters. Groups designed, built and decorated balsawood cars during their Design and Engineering-Technology classes and are now testing and assessing the speed and performance of their dragsters during Science classes. This interdisciplinary task has been a hit with the students as they enjoyed racing their creations.

Rebecca Jolliffe
Science Teacher 

Pastoral Care

Social Media and Digital Reputation
Modern teens are learning most of their communication skills whilst looking at a screen instead of looking at another person. Social Media has become an integral part of a teenagers life. This influence can cause anxiety and lower self-esteem. The outcome is that they are missing out on critical social skills.

Another issue is that inappropriate communication online can affect their digital reputation. This refers to their behaviours online and the content that they post, the photos that they are tagged in, blogs and social networking interactions that they are involved in. These all shape how young people are perceived by others online and offline, now and in the future. Friendships, relationship and even future job prospects are all at risk. Parents need to be aware of what their children are doing online.

Below is some information about online reputation from the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

What you need to know?

  • Once information makes its way online it can be difficult to remove and can be easily and quickly shared around.
  • Images and words can be misinterpreted and altered as they are passed around.
  • Content intended for your small group of friends can cause issues when shared with others outside the group.
  • You need to consider how you manage both your messages and images and those of others.
  • Your privacy settings on social media sites need to be managed in order to protect your digital reputation.

How do you protect your digital reputation?

  • Stop and think about any content before you post or send.
  • Treat others online as you would like to be treated.
  • Set your profile to private—and check every now and then to make sure the settings haven’t changed.
  • Keep an eye on photos tagged by your friends and remove ones that are offensive.

Can you clean up your digital reputation?
Cleaning up your digital reputation can be a difficult task but it is not impossible. You may not be able to erase the past, but you can build a better image of yourself online over time.

If you would like to hear more on this subject please view to the latest edition on SchoolTV.  It can be accessed via

Robern Hinchliffe
Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care

Lake Side Reflection

CareForce at St Hugh’s Anglican Parish, Inala
Careforce is a Local Government Community Initiative whose objective is to care for those in need.  It is staffed by a team of five volunteers each Tuesday morning within the parish grounds.

As clients arrive they take a colour-coded number depending whether they need food, payment assistance or both.  Those seeking food receive two to three bags, while part-payment of overdue bills is available with government funds are sent to the parish annually.  Staff assist mainly with electricity, car registration and rent.  They process approximately 15 people per week.  Pastoral care and learning to budget are part of the ministry process.

Careforce forms a vital part of our parish mission plan in the wider community.  In what way is it Biblically based?  The Old Testament social justice prophet Isaiah 61.1 wrote: “The Spirit of the LORD is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me; He has sent me to bring good news to the oppressed, to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and release to the prisoners.” (NRSV)  Jesus cites these very words, and fulfils them by his preaching, teaching and healing throughout the Gospels.  We are all called to social justice.

How is the St John’s Anglican College Community connected with this?  The College, like Isaiah and Jesus, are bearers of good news to these disadvantaged people. By filling so many christmas tree hampers, you are the good news to people in need: homeless people sleeping in cars, outside, couch-hopping, people who need help to find dignity and meaning in their lives.  Some are victims of drug and alcohol abuse, domestic and family violence, recently released from prison and others cannot afford expensive specialist treatment with the majority unemployed or immigrants.  Many are ordinary people like us, people from many cultures including our own, who have fallen on hard times.

Your gifts and prayers give these people hope, joy, love and peace at Christmas time. It is my prayerful hope and our parish’s mission that we can spread the good news of the great Christ event, of God’s coming to earth as a human being to bring light, life and love to humankind.  In other words, love came down at Christmas in the form of a refugee baby.

Your laden hampers enable St Hugh’s to provide the deprived with delicious Christmas food and treats…  God’s Spirit is enabling you to free people from what enslaves them and what makes them heartbroken.  Your gifts give them dignity and hope each year.

On behalf of The Anglican Parish of Inala, incorporating Forest Lake and Durack, thank you for your thoughtfulness and your generosity.  May God in turn bless you and your family abundantly.

Please think about giving generously to our Christmas Giving Tree Appeal. There are still baskets to be filled with the last day for donations on Monday 26 November 2018. The baskets are in the Administration building at the Secondary Campus.

Rev’d Carol Palmer
Parish Priest- Inala Anglican Church


Music Fest
On Friday 2 November, our Jazz Orchestra was our last ensemble entered into Music Fest for 2018. Under the direction of Mr Neill Thacker they received a Platinum Award, which is the highest award to achieve. Congratulations to the Jazz Orchestra on your success.

AMEB Exams
Over the past fortnight over 70 students from both the Primary and Secondary Campuses have sat and are sitting their Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) exams. We trust students have done their best and are pleased with how they went during these exams.

Night of Celebration
On Monday 5 November our Academy Strings, Drum line, Wind Symphony College Chorale, Bella Voce, Alpine Singers and Redfire Choir all performed at City Hall for our annual Night of Celebration. Congratulations to all involved on very polished and successful performances throughout this prestigious evening celebrating the success of our students.

Year Five Cultural Showcase
On Friday 9 November at the Primary Campus we celebrated the learning of our Year Five students at the Year Five Cultural Showcase. Students demonstrated their performance skills on their many instruments they learn’t throughout the year. Well done to all involved.

Valedictory Service at St John’s Cathedral
Thanks to our Academy Strings and other invited instrumentalists and singers who performed at the Year 12 Valedictory Service at St John’s Cathedral today. You performed beautifully and added value to the lovely final chapel service for the Year 12 students.

The 2019 musical Annie has successfully had all auditions and call backs and I congratulate all who have been accepted into the cast. I am looking forward to working with this talented cast to bring Annie to stage next year. Congratulations to the following students.

Character Stuent Name
AnnieLarissa Strout
Zoe Bowman
WarbucksBraydon Highley
GraceElla Wilson
Miss HanniganFfion Gibbons
RoosterJames Manche
LilyJade Wells
DrakeUtenga Sitima
President RoosveltAndrew Engelsmann- Heiser
MollyBridie Kennedy
PepperBrodie Fitzgerald
DuffyLily Wilson
JulyIsabella Dewitt
TessieAmber Trieu
KateDilhuni Amarasinghe
HazelNahyun Kim
Mrs GreerLauren Swords
Mrs PughMikayla Braithwaite
AnnetteMakayla Magro
CecilleElla Douglass
Star to Be (NYC)Iris McKenzie
Mr BundlesCaleb Hoffman
Officer WardDerek Yang
Kid (pg 60)(NYC)Riley Portsmouth
Announcer (Voice over) Kaltenborn (Radio announcer)Benjamin Hewitt
Wacky  (Radio Station)Kobe Blake
Johnson (Radio Station)Rahee Sandhu
Brandeis (Judge in final scene)Charlie Smith
Dog CatchersAiden Hoover
Dylan Patterson
Man 1Lachlan Kemp
Man 2Ben Gunton
Man 3Hugo Newham
Man 4Wil Holland
SophieLibby Stainer
Woman 1Laura Odorici
Woman 2Tia Waturocha
Cabiner Member - PerkinsMatthew Moss
Cabiner Member - IckesCharlie Smith
Cabiner Member - Wallace Charlie Smith
Cabiner Member - MorgenthauCharlotte Bowes
Cabiner Member - HullBen Gunton
Cabiner Member - HoweIris McKenzie
Bert Healy Lincoln Maufoe
Boyland Sister - BonnieIris McKenzie
Boyland Sister - ConnieBella Nguyen
Boyland Sister - RonnieJennifer Lincoln
Boyland Sister – MonnieJazmine Vo
Woman 3Hong Lee
Apple SellerJenna Blackburn
Orphan ChorusHooverville ChorusServant Chorus
Samantha GatesGrace Clarke 6ARory Jackson 6B
Mia Stockwell 5ALucy Bridges 6ADylan Patterson 6A
Ishah Gallacher 5AAlexus Haare6AGeorgia Douglas
Layla Wilson 5AJacqui Tranthem 5AHannah Millar 6A
Chanelle Ogilvy 6AFindlay Macrae 5WAhbirami Rajajee
Kira Hurst 5ARahee Sandhu 6BJade Paul
Mayanna Foelz 5AAlex Zwicker 6AMakayla Medina-Conway
Jemma Tsai 6BZachariah Arulogun 5ASophie Redfern
Kavi Shah 5WRuban Dhaliwal 6AWil Holland
Lily TranRam Cheng 6ASophie Nicholls
Marissa YiannatziTyler Keogh 5WMya Kett
Gabi StanfieldHarrison PascoeCaleb Hoffman
Georgia RiscoAna-Sofia Gallardo RojasSarah Absolom
Charlotte BuchananAiden HooverStephanie Bridges
Eva GillesJade WellsMonique Cleveland
Mithi ShankarCharlotte BowesEmily Tran
Lilliana TothZoe LoghBella Kennedy
Ella DewittJinansh Mehta (new)Sivorn McKewen
Maddie NewhamLucy RoseStephanie Bridges
Molly NichollsChayse Berg 6BMelissa Stewart
Tamika Gee 6ACharlotte Henderson 6BAlexe Bowden
Lili Corte-RealGrace Edmonds 6BJazmine Vo
Melissa StewartRiley Portsmouth 6ABella Nguyen
Mia VoongCharlie SmithCourtney Slater
Alesha Mirza 5WHong LeKobe Blake
Lisa Tran 5ALibby StainerChloe Suell
Samantha GilliesJenna BlackburnJennifer Lincoln
Bhoomi BorseHugo NewhamMatt (Tsz Hing Lui)
Olivia Wright 5ATia WaturochaAlicia Barr
Breyanna BraithwaiteBen GuntonJessica Barr
Sophie WhiteLachlan Kemp
Matthew Moss
Laura Odorici

Russell Morgan
Director of Performing Arts Centre of Excellence 



Why play sport?
Our mission at St John’s is to offer exceptional learning opportunities through balanced curricular and extra-curricular programs, which prepare students well for their future and develops character and resilience; equipping them to be the best people of influence in the local or global community in which they serve.

Your child’s participation in sport is another educational context provided for your children to learn.  Students who are involved with the College’s sporting program can learn life skills such as:

  • Team work – each individual player contributes to the greater benefit of the team
  • Consistency – working on the little things over and over can lead to a greater overall improvement
  • Cooperation – working together in a supportive environment helps us to achieve our best
  • Leadership – learn how and when to lead and how and when to follow
  • Strong work ethic – by committing to attend all practices and games
  • Resilience – the greater the struggle, the greater the triumph

Term One, 2019 Sports
To become involved in Term One, 2019 sports your child would benefit by attending training now.  A summary of sporting opportunities is as follows:

  • Girls Tennis
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Volleyball
  • Boys Cricket

It is not too late for your child to become involved in the program.  Check the training schedule below for details.

For all the latest sporting news, photos and updated don’t forget to ‘like’ the St John’s Anglican College Sport Facebook page.

Melanie Gramez
Head of Sport


JTAS Cricket
On Friday the Primary Cricket team represented the District at Regional Inter Schools T/20 Blast competition. The players tried their best, getting better as the day progressed. After two narrow defeats, the team left their best performance till the fourth and last match, where they defeated the second of two teams to progress to the State Finals. The team was left to ponder what could have been if they had bowled a bit better in the first two games. A great day was had by all and invaluable experience was gained especially by the Year Five players who will make up the team next year. A big thank you to Mr Mark Weekes who coached and umpired the team’s games.

Primary Sport Schedule – Week Seven
Tuesday 20 November – LAST  Afternoon Year Two/Three Sport – Cricket
Wednesday 21 November –Morning LAST Junior Running Club – 7.40am – 8.15am
Thursday 22 November –  Morning LAST Senior Running Club – 7.40am – 8.15am

Primary Swimming Carnival
A very big thank you to students, staff and parents who participated or were involved in the 2018 Primary Swimming Carnival at the Valley Pool. Thanks to the Year 10 students for their help on the day which made for a smooth running event. The students had an enjoyable day.

Kevin Murray
Primary Sport Coordinator 


Dates for the Diary

November 2018

DayDate Event
Thursday November 15, 2018Kindergarten Graduation, 6pm, Living Faith Chapel
FridayNovember 16, 2018Year 12 Final Day Celebrations, Old Collegian Breakfast, 6.30am, Secondary Courtyard
Primary Guard of Honour, 10.00am
Secondary Final Assembly from 11.30am
MondayNovember 19, 2018Year 11 Exam Block Commences
WednesdayNovember 21, 2018Year Six Transition Prayer Spaces, St John's Cathedral
FridayNovember 23, 2018Early Years Night of Celebration, 6.30pm, Perfoming Arts Centre of Excellence
Monday November 26, 2018Year Six Dinner, The Lion, Richlands
Primary Leadership Ceremony
Tuesday November 27, 2018Year Six Orientation Day, Secondary Campus - 2 Days
Years Three to Ten combined Chapel Service, Secondary Campus
Year Nine Homecoming Ceremony
WednesdayNovember 28, 2018Year 11 QCS Trial - 2 Days
Thursday November 29, 2018Final Assemsments Days for Years Seven to Nine

Year Nine Graduation Ceremony 
Families are invited to join us on Friday 30 November from 2.00pm for the Year Nine Graduation Ceremony. This special ceremony to farewell the Year Nine students from Middle School as they prepare to enter their Senior Schooling phase in 2019.  All students will be acknowledged and presented with a Middle School memento as a keepsake. For more information please click here. to RSVP please email Eleanor McNair,

UQ Girls in Computer Science Event
Find out what girls can do with a career in technology! UQ invites girls in Years Eight to Twelve and their parents to a night of inspiration and empowerment on Wednesday, 28 November 2018 from 6.00pm. Please click here for more information. To RSVP –

Important Information

Uniform Shop

Blazer Embroidery 
We will have our final collection of blazers from now until the last day of the 2018 school year, Friday 30 November 2018.  Please remember that certificates are no longer given and the Uniform Shop will have a complete list of all pockets that have been issued for the year.  Whilst we will accept all blazers up until the final day of the school year it is advisable to bring it in before then. Students will need to check the list of pocket awards with the relevant department to make sure that what they have been allocated is correct before dropping their blazer in.  If for some reason your name is not on the list supplied to us then it is the students responsibility to follow up with their teacher/coach and this will not be able to be done until the new school year if you leave it till the last day to bring your blazer in.  Due to the large quantity of blazers received at the end of year, current Year 11 students must inform us if they require their blazers to be embroidered with “Senior 2019”.

It is not compulsory for students to have embroidery done on their blazer and if you are not familiar with the pocket system please contact the Uniform Shop for more information.

The cost of embroidery is below for your reference and please note that dry cleaning is included in these costs.  If gold buttons are missing off any blazer these will automatically be sewn on and the cost added to the invoice as per below.

Removal of Each Pocket/s and stitch back on blazer Cost is per pocket $25.00
College Captain Pocket Top Left Pocket $35.00
Prefect Pocket (Includes Activity Prefect) Top Left Pocket $30.00
Senior Top Left Pocket $25.00
Activity Captain Bottom Left/Right Pocket $25.00
House Captain, House Vice-Captain, Chapel Captain Top Left Pocket $25.00
Middle School Council Rep Bottom Left/Right Pocket $20.00
Year 7/8/9 Class Leader Bottom Left/Right Pocket $20.00
Premiership Pocket Bottom Left/Right Pocket $30.00
Participation Pocket (Gold, Silver, Bronze) Bottom Left/Right Pocket $20.00
Addition of Year Only for Participation Pocket Bottom Left/Right Pocket $14.00
Purchase of Blank Top Right Pocket   $15.00
Gold Button   $1.00
Sewing on of Button   $4.00
Restitch  Bottom Blazer Pocket   $15.00
Dry Cleaning Only   $15.00

Current Year 12 Families
You may not be aware that the Uniform Shop sends old school uniforms overseas to those less fortunate.  If your child is graduating at the end of the year I am happy for you to drop any unwanted school uniform items including bags and hat’s to the Uniform Shop.  Any donations are always greatly appreciated

Hat Cleaning and Repairs
Formal Hats can be dropped in to the Uniform Shop on the last day of the school term for cleaning and/or repairs. Primary students can leave their hat at Reception to have it sent down to the Secondary Campus.  Forms can be collected from either the Uniform Shop or Primary Reception.

Mandy Willemse
Uniform Shop Manager


Old Collegians’ News

P&F Association

We would like to acknowledge the wonderful contribution to the College that the Parents and Friends Association has made throughout 2018. From Supports of Sport (SOS), Friends of the Arts (FOTA) and Friends of the School (FOS) all teams have helped with fundraising initiatives, volunteering and helping with school events like the 2018 College Carnival.

The St John’s community look forward to working with the P&F Association again in 2019!

Student Protection

You have the right to feel safe at all times including when you are a student at this school and until you graduate from the College. Protection for children and young people is of paramount importance in Anglican Church schools. St John’s Anglican College has policies and procedures which assist us to provide a safe environment for all students and members of our school community. The College has nominated the following staff members as Student Protection Officers:

Mrs Hawken
Mr Brownlow

Mrs Hinchliffe
Mr Pascoe

We encourage you to talk to a trusted adult, one of our Student Protection Officers or to Mrs Bain about any concerns that you may have for your safety or the safety of another student.

For more information regarding the St John’s policies and procedures surrounding student protection, please visit the College website.