Primary News

Last week, the Living Faith Chapel was filled with prayer spaces and all the students on the Primary Campus were invited to enter the peacefulness, think quietly about the world and reflect on their thoughts and feelings. They were invited to think about God and take the time to be still. When the Chapel was being set up for Prayer Spaces the children were growing in excitement because they were looking forward to entering the different ‘cubbies’, participating in the hands-on activities and enjoying the fairy lights. They were excited because they were anticipating what they might see and how each space in the Chapel would be different to last time. One child told me that they love going to prayer spaces because ‘it feels like a different world’.

Stepping into a ‘different world’ of calmness and peace has a real healing impact on the inner being. It teaches children how to be quiet and calm and manage emotions in a peaceful way. It also helps them to develop empathy for others and understand that the circumstances, thoughts and feelings of others can be quite different to their own.

Young children are born naturally inquisitive and imaginative. They ask questions and explore the world around them through play. However, as their lives become busier and more structured, they are often less likely to take time to tune into their senses through play and exploration. The impact of modern technology exacerbates things because they become distracted by devices and expect instant answers through search engines like Google.

Time in Prayer Spaces gives our students the opportunity to stop in the busyness of the week, focus on being mindful and tune into their thoughts. It helps children to focus on big concepts such as forgiveness and think about what that means to them.

Being mindful is a state of awareness that involves the body and mind tuning-in to the present moment, with interest and an open mind. This is very different to ‘tuning-out’ from an experience. Teaching children to be mindful has many benefits. It can help children to improve their focus, their memory and decision-making abilities. It can assist children in developing greater self-awareness, self-confidence and an understanding of others. It can also help them to improve their ability to self-manage their behaviour

For these reasons and many more, Prayer Spaces has become an important part of our social, emotional and spiritual well-being program at St John’s.

Family members are most welcome to visit Prayer Spaces each time it is running and we would love the assistance of some parents when setting up the spaces. If you have time available next year and would like to help with creating prayer spaces, please contact Reverend Susan or myself.

Walkathon Results
We are thrilled to announce that over $7,200 was raised through the walkathon held at the end of last term and these funds will be used to enhance the resources in our STEM Institute. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the students who raised over $50. The class that raised the most money was Prep H and the students of Prep H will all enjoy a class party to celebrate.

We thank the dedicated members of the Parents and Friends Association for their organisation of the Walkathon and for the many ways in which they contribute to the College. Their efforts are greatly appreciated.

College Creations
Thank you to families who purchased a ticket in our College Creations Raffle. The prize was a beautiful watercolour by Mrs Huffels. The winner of this painting is Layla Wilson Year 5A.  We sincerely thank Mrs Huffels for her generous donation and for her assistance in organising Primary College Creations this year.


2019 Booklists
The 2019 textbook and stationery requirements are now available through the options below:

  1. Order on-line from Campion Bookstore website, (school code PXCF). A free delivery service is available in the Brisbane area from Campion, if you use the on-line ordering service by Wednesday 5 December 2018.  After this date, there is a of $5.50 per item, up to a maximum of $19.95 per student order.
  2. Go to the College website, and click on Enrolments then Getting Started to download the relevant textbook and stationery list.
  3. If you do not have access to a computer, you can obtain a printed copy from the College Reception or Campion Bookstore.

If you have any questions regarding the booklists, please do not hesitate to contact the College on 3372 0888 for Prep to Year Six students and 3372 0111 for Year Seven students.

Little Saints Kindergarten
The children in Little Saints Kindergarten enjoyed learning about Diwali recently, when members of Nikil’s family visited the Kindy. The children were very interested to hear about the traditions celebrated in other countries and compared them to the celebrations they share with their own families.

Teachers are currently conducting end of year assessments and preparing for reports. These will be available via the My St John’s Parent Portal in the first week in December. I look forward to seeing families at our various end of year events. Please read the sections below for further information.

Kind regards,

Sandra Hawken
Head of Primary