Let’s Chat Education

Parenting can bring with it numerous challenges and one of those is teaching our children about ‘the facts of life’. While puberty is a normal part of growing up, parents often do not know how to start this conversation with their children. However, it is important that they are provided with factual and age appropriate information.

To assist parents in beginning the conversation about puberty and changing bodies we have invited ‘Let’s Chat Education’ to conduct two family workshops this term. Both sessions will be held in the Primary Library, commencing at 6.00pm.

Tuesday 4 September – ‘Girls Only’ – This session for girls in Years Five and Six and their mother or female carer, aims to tackle some of the challenges our girls face. Not only must they come to terms with physical changes to their bodies, they also face societal pressures that challenge body image and self-esteem. The workshops are presented in a fun and positive way that encourages celebration and confidence in the journey to becoming a young woman.

Wednesday 12 September – ‘Changing Bodies’ – This information workshop is for boys and girls in Years Four to Six and their parents. It gives a great introduction to puberty and is the foundation for ongoing discussions. Coming along with your son or daughter is a great way to build confidence to chat about growing up and body changes. The topics covered are: Names and functions of reproductive body parts; Physical, social and emotional changes of puberty and; Keeping my body healthy and safe.

Please note: Girls do not need to attend both sessions. Parents are asked to choose the most appropriate session for their daughter and attend that one.

‘Let’s Chat Education’ is a highly regarded, specialised program that deals sensitively with a very personal topic. The information is shared respectfully and delicately while communicating accurate and age appropriate information. The presenters are skilled in building a positive environment where the students feel safe to discuss topics and ask questions that can often make them feel a little nervous. They also understand that families come from many different backgrounds and have different beliefs, values and opinions about this topic. Numerous schools in the Brisbane area engage ‘Let’s Chat Education’ to support their Personal Development Programs and we are pleased to provide the opportunity for parents to attend these information workshop with their children. Please contact Linda Pettit to register your interest in attending these workshops lpettit@sjac.qld.edu.au or 3372 0812.