Year 12 QCS Preparation
At the end of this term all year 12 students intending to sit the QCS will sit a final full practice of the four papers.  We will send the papers away to be marked by experienced QCS markers and each student will receive individual feedback on their progress.  We will also receive summary information on the 2018 cohort’s performance.  A key message for all students is the importance of them working together in QCS preparation. The results that each individual achieves in this series of tests contribute to the collective result of both their subject group and the cohort of OP eligible students. All students need to ensure that their QCS result matches the results they are achieving in their school subjects.  We are only as strong as our weakest link, and therefore each and every student must give their very best in all components and leave no unanswered questions in any of the papers. It is time for all students to increase their level of application during the preparation lessons and they must continue in this direction and strive to improve each month.

QCS Master Class
The second QCS Master Class was held this week and was again very well attended. Students worked through sessions on understanding how their responses to the Short Response paper will be marked including strategies to ensure they get the best result they are capable of. Students also learned about how to approach extended literacy units in the Short Response paper.  The sessions were led by St John’s staff who are trained QCS Markers. These Master Classes will help ensure the St John’s Year 12 OP eligible cohort of 2018 is fully prepared for the QCS tests at the end of August.

Semester One Reports
Semester One academic reports will be available on Parent Lounge in the first week of the holidays. We have moved to a paperless system so hard copies will no longer automatically be posted home.  It is possible to print copies of reports from Parent Lounge.  These reports will provide detailed feedback reflecting the Semester One learning journey. Don’t forget you can get the latest information on the academic progress of your child using Learning Analytics.  Our second round of Parent Student Teacher Conferences will be held on Tuesday 24 July.  Full details including the online booking process will be emailed home when the reports are available for viewing.

Glenn Johnson
Deputy Principal – Curriculum 


Job Outlook
Explore career options with the career quiz –

Courses available at the Brisbane campus –  Representatives from CQUniversity will be at the lunchtime career expo at the shade sails on 20 June.

Torrens University
Bright Awards are for students in Year 11 and 12 who are interested in graphic design, web and interactive, interior design, photography, animation, games, fashion. Competition closes on 2 November.

Design, health, hospitality, international student, business. Applications close on 27 Jan –

University of Southern Queensland (USQ)
5-minute career quiz
Answer a few short questions to identify interests, talents and preferences.  From the results of this survey, learn about potential career options that could be well suited to one’s personality.

Mathematics Enrichment Program
For Year 9 and 10 students –* 

Date Time Room Proposed Topics
19 July 2018 4.00pm-6.00pm A5LR1 Hey, look! I can work this out!
16 August 2018 4.00pm-6.00pm A5LR1 Are you psychic?
13 September 2018 4.00pm-6.00pm A5LR1 Statistics is everywhere.
11 October 2018 4.00pm-6.00pm A5LR1 Ozzie Cozzie not so sun safe?
1 November 2018 4.00pm-6.00pm TBC Modelling Waves.

Annabelle Lam
Careers Advisor


On Friday, I had the privilege of visiting Prep O on the Alpine Place Campus. The Preps are currently studying the impact the built environment has on different communities. I was asked to introduce the class to Drones and to take an aerial photo of the APC Campus. Unfortunately, due to the high winds we weren’t able to go ahead with the photography. However, we had fun talking about the different parts of drones and we even had the chance to fly the Parrot drone in the Classroom.

I was surprised by the knowledge the Preps had of the parts and workings of the drone. Students could easily identify the propellers, motors and batteries. I was also taken by the look of awe on their faces when the drones first took off.

This simple exercise highlights many of the Leaner Profile traits described by the IB Middle Years Program such as; being an inquirer, taking risks, and being open minded. Probably equally as important for me though is the “hidden curriculum” that such an activity envelopes. Elements that aren’t assessed formally such as; inspiring awe, generating enthusiasm and anticipation of learning tasks are as relevant as the quantitative assessment and related pedagogy.

I look forward (with anticipation myself) to visiting the Prep’s this Friday to complete our journey.

Chris Ralph 
Design and Engineering Technology; Graphics

Duke of Edinburgh Camp 2018

The Duke of Edinburgh Camp was an amazing experience, from the activities to camping outside. Every day there was a new side of the camp to explore. We did everything together, from hiking to playing some card games in our spare time. What I loved the most was canoeing in the Hinze Dam, the sky was clear blue as we weaved through the sunken trees. Although there were some hardships, such as falling into some creeks, it was a good learning experience. The one week there without the distractions of technology was honestly relaxing. We walked through shaded forests and next to beautiful waterfalls. There is no doubt in my mind that I will return for the Duke of Edinburgh Camp.

Amanda Year Nine student

This year was my second time going on the Duke of Endinburgh Adventurous journey, this year for my silver award. Like last year I really found the hikes rewarding, although I wished I took more time to enjoy the scenery. Despite the heavy bags reaching our destination after a long day of hiking made it worth while. We also went to the glow worm caves and they were no less breathtaking as last year. While I don’t really enjoy canoeing I found this time to be much more enjoyable and easier. While I’m sad that this is my last time attending the camp, I am excited to go on a new journey next year.

Tamara Year 10 student